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Discover the fascinating Canadian landscape by boarding one of the legendary and comfortable luxury trains. Book your ticket and submit an eTA Canada application on time.

VIA Rail Canada

Canada covers 41% of the surface of North America. One of the most authentic ways to discover this vast country is by train. Canada’s national railway company, VIA Rail, offers long-distance rides between Montreal and Toronto, Halifax and Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver and Winnipeg and Churchill. The last three train journeys take place partly at night. It is therefore possible to book a sleep cabin on these routes. Most VIA Rail trains are equipped with a so-called Dome Car, a raised panorama deck intended for travellers who have booked a sleep cabin. If you only book a ticket for a seat, you will not be able to use the showers.

Tourists in particular use the trains on these routes, which is not surprising. A train journey through Canada is a holiday in itself. The trains transport you through beautiful landscapes to and from famous cities, national parks and attractions.

eTA Canada application

Most Europeans travelling to Canada by air can apply for an eTA Canada. Since the eTA Canada is valid for five years, you can apply for it even before you have fully planned your train journey across Canada.

You can apply for your eTA quickly and easily via this website. To do so, first fill in the eTA application form. Filling out the form takes about 10 minutes. Next, you pay the cost of the eTA Canada, after which your application is processed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). If you meet the requirements of the eTA Canada, you will receive it in about five minutes.

From Halifax to Montreal with the Ocean

The Ocean is a passenger train that runs six times a week from Montreal to Halifax via a scenic route in 23 hours. Because the train trip takes place partly during the night, the train has several sleeping accommodations. There is also a restaurant and a ‘Park Car’, a glass panorama deck that offers an unobstructed view of the landscapes you pass.

The route of the Ocean runs through the east of Canada. The starting or finishing point is the second-largest city in Canada, Montreal. Montreal is located in the province of Quebec, where the influences from the French colonial era are clearly visible. From Montreal, the train takes you along various rivers, bays, marshes, mountains and valleys to Canada’s second largest coastal city Halifax.

From Toronto to Vancouver with the Canadian

Your holiday starts from the moment you board the Canadian. Spot wildlife, admire the most beautiful landscapes and cover enormous distances, all from the comfort of your seat on this transcontinental train.

The train takes you from the metropolis of Toronto, on Lake Ontario, through the vast prairies of Manitoba and Saskatchewan and the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver on the West Coast, or vice versa. During this trip, the train covers a distance of almost 4,500 kilometres in four days. The Canadian runs two to three times a week in both directions. A seat in the ‘Prestige Park Car’ or the ‘Skyline Car’ offers an overwhelming panoramic view thanks to the glass domes. Take a break from your train journey by getting off at Jasper National Park for a boat trip on one of the mountain lakes in the impressive gorges.

From Banff or Jasper to Vancouver with the Rocky Mountaineer

Another railway company in Canada is the Rocky Mountaineer. This company’s train journeys take you to places in western Canada that no other means of transport can reach. During the day, you can enjoy the beautiful Canadian nature from your chair, and you can spend the night in a hotel. The train stops for hotel stays.

Depending on the chosen route, you will spend two to three days travelling through the impressive Rocky Mountains to arrive in Vancouver. The Rocky Mountaineer crosses the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, and from the high viaducts you have spectacular views of clear mountain lakes and deep canyons and ravines. Finally, you arrive in the coastal city of Vancouver, where the enormous Stanley Park, Chinatown and Vancouver Island await you.

The Maple Leaf train

Would you like to extend your train trip through Canada with a visit to the United States? Then step aboard the Maple Leaf, the train that takes you from Toronto to New York City. Take note that in this case, in addition to an eTA, you also need an ESTA USA. On the way, you will pass Niagara Falls (where the Maple Leaf crosses the border), the beautiful Hudson River Valley and the wine fields around New York. The Maple Leaf train will show you the landscape between Toronto and New York in about 13 hours.

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