News report | | 15-12-2017 | ±2 minutes reading time

The number of European tourists headed to India for their holiday has massively increased over the past few years. This was reason enough for the airline Jet Airways to add a new flight route.

Taj MahalTourism at the Taj Mahal

Increase number of direct flights

The increase of the number of direct flights is in line with the increased interest of European travellers for holidays in India. The extra flights of Jet Airways will be implemented starting 29 October between the airports of Amsterdam and Bangalore. With its eight million inhabitants, the capital of the southern Indian state Karnataka is an important tourist attraction. Aside from Bangalore, Jet Airways is also already flying from major airports like Heathrow to Delhi and Mumbai.

India popular holiday destination

The number of European tourists headed to India has been steadily growing over the years. Exact numbers are not available, but airlines have revealed that roughly 25% more European tourists headed to India compared to last year. Goa, Mumbai and Delhi in particular are popular destination. However, the popularity of cities directly relates to the number of direct flights headed there; considering the increase in flights, more cities will likely jump out in the future as popular destinations. Not all tourists limit themselves to destinations that offer direct flights. The Himalaya area around the border with Nepal, and other rural areas have been growing in popularity.

Causes increased popularity

No single cause can be pointed at to explain the increase in European tourists to India. A number of factors do play an important role, however. For instance, flight tickets to India have been getting cheaper and cheaper, and starting two years ago, it has become possible to apply for an Indian visa online. What also helps is the ‘snowball effect’; many travellers return from their trip to India with exciting holiday stories, which can push others to make a similar trip to India.

Worldwide trend

The growth of tourism to India fits in the worldwide trend that more and more holiday goers are making longer trips, and travelling further from home. The growing economy and prosperity in Europe is also a major factor. Another reason is that due to its immense size, India won’t be getting ‘full’ any time soon; travellers that want to submerge themselves in its culture are always welcome, no matter how many of them there are. And finally, the growing prosperity in India also plays a big role; a growing group of Indians can afford to travel to Europe for their holidays. This leads to an increase in flights, which leads to increased revenue for airlines. This in turn leads to lower ticket prices, resulting in more travellers to India.

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