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Canada wants to further grow its tourist sector, which includes changes in the current eTA application system. On this page you can read what this means for your trip to Canada.

Canada reveals new plan for tourismNew plan to further encourage tourism in Canada

One in eleven Canadians work in tourism. Furthermore, tourism is the number one employer for youths in Canada. Aside from the fact that tourism leads to a lot of work, it is also one of the fastest growing sectors globally, and Canada wants to benefit from this. That is why the country made concrete goals: in 2025, it wants to be in the top 10 of most visited countries in the word, before 2021 it aims to have international flights grow by 30%, and finally Canada also wants to double the number of Chinese tourists before 2021. A challenge which also leads to changes in the eTA system.

eTA application system

To realize this plan, the existing eTA application system will also be changed. The majority of tourists headed to Canada by plane need a tourist visa or eTA. A tourist visa can be applied for at the Canadian embassy, though you will likely be called in for an interview or a medical checkup to complete the visa application.
Apply for eTA Canada

Changes in the eTA system


An important target group are Mexicans. Before, all Mexican citizens that wanted to enter Canada by plane needed a visa. Because Mexico is a rapidly growing economic market, Canada has eased the entry requirements for people with the Mexican nationality, to encourage the growth in Mexico.

Brazil, Bulgaria and Romania

Aside from Mexico, Canada has also added Brazil, Bulgaria and Romania to the existing eTA application system, so that travellers with this nationality can also apply for an eTA instead of a visa. Canada has emphasized that these changes will not jeopardize the safety or the integrity of the current immigration policy. These nationals will not be accepted into the eTA system right away; only people from this country that already acquired a Canadian visa in the last 10 years, or have a valid US visa, can make use of this system.

eTA requirements largely unchanged

Although it has become a lot easier for many people to visit Canada with an eTA, the country warns travellers that the requirements and terms attached to usage of an eTA remain unchanged. A thorough background check is one of them, but there are also a number of other checks which take place during the application. Read more about the requirements of the eTA and how you can apply for one to travel to Canada.

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