e-Visa.ie is the United Kingdom's leading full-service visa agency. With a professional team of experienced visa specialists, we commit ourselves each day to support travellers as optimally as possible with acquiring the right travel documents. We do this in an accessible way, so that anyone can easily meet the visa requirements for their land of destination.

Visa procedures can seem needlessly complicated

Applying for a visa can be quite the puzzle. There are many different types of visa and application procedures. Some visas need to be picked up in person at a consulate or embassy, others can only be acquired on arrival, and in recent years certain visas can, under strict requirements, be applied for entirely online. Which visa type is necessary depends, among other things, on the nationality and travel history of the applicant. Each visa type comes with a different set of rules. It is important to meet all the requirements of the visa that is applied for, otherwise a trip can quickly fall apart.

Correct visa information

Much has been written on the internet about visas; by travel agencies, visa agencies, bloggers, and many other different websites. Often with the best intentions. But much of that information is needlessly complex, outdated, incomplete, or flatout wrong. Even the official websites of many governments, consulates and embassies often leave much to desire when it comes to clarity and completeness.

Furthermore, the official websites of many governments do not inform the traveller in their native languages. Embassies and consulates have, in general, mediocre accessibility with regards to questions and problems. Phone calls often end up with pre-recorded tapes, and emails are left unanswered. Travellers also often lament the necessity of visiting an embassy or consulate for an interview for the granting of a visa.

Combined, this all results in a large amount of frustration with travellers, and a desire for clear information from a reliable source, concise support with application procedures, and a customer friendly helpdesk for potential problems and unanswered questions.

e-Visa.ie offers a simple solution

e-Visa.ie fulfills the need of travellers to file their visa application in a fast and simple way. We do this by:

  • Offering clear and reliable information to travellers regarding visas and their travel destination
  • Providing simple application forms, with explanations at each step of the process
  • Having an emergency courier service for physical visas, sometimes even the same day
  • Checking all application forms for frequently made mistakes
  • Manually checking the quality of all delivered documents
  • Verifying if the filled in passport data matches the passport scan
  • Proactively contacting the traveller if an error is found
  • Performing urgent applications even outside of office hours
  • Offering more safe payment option than most governments and embassies
  • Providing adequate support with problems, by email and by phone (24/7)
  • Properly informing travellers about the progress of their application, by email and text message
  • Carefully processing confidential information, following the letter of the (privacy) law
  • Refunding the entire purchase price in case an application is denied

A handy pick up and delivery service

For visas that need to be physically affixed to the passport of the traveller, e-Visa.ie also takes care of logistics, if requested. This way the traveller does not need to visit the consulate themselves and wait in line. If needed, we will pick up the passport at home, and return it a few days later with the visa applied.

The importance of fast and precise checking

Each year hundreds of travellers go to the airport only to miss their flights because they find out they filled in their passport number wrong in their visa application form. All applications which e-Visa.ie files are automatically checked for any mistakes. By doing this, we have saved many a traveller from serious troubles during their trip.

Useful secure checking

Is a passport, or a copy of one, provided during the application procedure? Then we will check all the passport data for any potential mistakes: this means the passport number, the date it was issued and the expiry date, the birth date, and all the first and last names of each individual traveller. With urgent applications, this takes place even outside of office hours, so that the visa can be granted as quickly as possible.

Has our visa specialist determined that the provided documents are of insufficient quality, or is it suspected that an application form has been filled in incorrectly or incompletely? Then contact with the traveller will be established by phone, text message or e-mail, depending on urgency. This way the application can be corrected before the consular visa procedure is set into motion.

The meticulous checking of all applications by our visa specialists have led to an enormous reduction in the amount of rejected visa applications. This has allowed us to run the policy that, in the rare case a visa application is rejected, we will refund the entire purchase cost. Aside from minimizing the chance of rejections, these checks also come with the benefit of saving valuable time, because we do not have to wait until the immigration service tracks down the mistake only to reject the application. This can take several valuable days, and can lead to a lack of time to apply for a new visa.

Providing streamlined service

e-Visa.ie processes large amounts of visa applications daily. We not only offer our services to customers directly, but also behind the scenes to large business corporations, such as travel agencies. Because we work with such large volumes, we have the possibility to streamline the entire process. Are immigration services pushing through changes in their consular procedures? Then we will immediately adapt our services based on this. Our visa specialists make sure that all applications are taken into consideration with the utmost care. Furthermore, we keep a close eye on each and every application from the moment of its filing until the moment it is granted.

customer service

Safe processing of sensitive information

To apply for a visa a lot of sensitive information has to be provided. Different types of personal information needs to be filled in, as well as the travel details, and sometimes even a copy of a passport is required. It is advised not to do this on websites that do not have proper cyber security. e-Visa.ie naturally works with safe SSL-certificates, but also complies with privacy laws, including the GDPR. With this, personal information is secured by encryption and stored safely in secure servers in the European Union. Several days after the applied for visa has been granted, all non-essential data is automatically deleted, and any other data is anonymised, so that they cannot be traced back to the individual. To help comply with the GDPR standards, e-Visa.ie utilized the aid of the renowned international law firm Taylor Wessing. More information on the security of our website and your data can be found in our privacy policy.

Help with questions and problems

Travellers that still have questions or problems with their visa application and have not found their answer in our frequently asked questions page, can contact us free of cost at the Visa Support Centre of e-Visa.ie. If possible, it is advised to send your question or problem by e-mail. In case of an emergency, our phone helpdesk is available 24/7.

Strong together

The result: a skyhigh customer appreciation rate 
After the visa application has run its course, we ask our travellers if they were satisfied with our processing of the application. By now we have received thousands of ratings, which show that our services are rated on average 9,6.

Team e-Visa.ie is at your service

The team of e-Visa.ie consists primarily of visa specialists. Our visa specialists are divided into a department for the support of applications for physical visas, and a department for electronic visas. Aside from the visa specialists, e-Visa.ie also has access over its own development team. By using inhouse developers, we have complete control over our customer service, allowing us to react with lightning speed to any changes in the consular process. Finally, our team at e-Visa.ie also consists of account managers, who are responsible for the contacts and partnerships with major customers, including organisations with large amounts of traveling personnel, and travel agencies.

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