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1. Introduction

1.1 This Privacy- and Cookie policy (“Policy”) is utilized by e-Visa.ie and https://e-visa.ie (henceforth jointly: “e-Visa.ie”). e-Visa.ie is part of Digital Visa Systems B.V., statutorily situated at Eindhoven, holding office at (5611CA) at Vestdijk 57B, The Netherlands, registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under registration number 72110449. The Data Protection official of e-Visa.ie can be reached via .
1.2 This Policy is meant on the one hand to explain why and how data which identify or could potentially identify natural persons (“Personal data”) is processed by e-Visa.ie. Unless noted otherwise, e-Visa.ie is the ‘processor responsible’ as meant in the General Regulation Data Protection (“GRDP”) for the processing of the Personal Data as described in this Policy. On the other hand this Policy is set up to inform you about the use of cookies and similar techniques on the website https://e-visa.ie (henceforth: “Website”) as maintained by e-Visa.ie.
1.3 Personal Data is processed through the Website when applying for travel documents like an e-visa, visa, eTA and/or ESTA - with which a (digital) document will be issued to one or several natural persons (“Customer”) - with which permission is granted for the Customer to enter a country (“Travel Authorisation”). If you are under 16 years of age e-Visa.ie will ask permission to the person holding parental responsibility for the child before Personal Data is processed.

2. Part I - Personal Data

2.1 e-Visa.ie will possibly process your Personal Data in the following situations:
  2.1.1 You are a Customer of e-Visa.ie;
  2.1.2 You are prospect of e-Visa.ie;
  2.1.3 You are distributor of e-Visa.ie;
  2.1.4 You are a supplier of goods or services to e-Visa.ie.
2.2 The Personal Data which e-Visa.ie will process from you with filling in the application form for a Travel Authorisation are:
  2.2.1 Your first and last name;
  2.2.2 Your address;
  2.2.3 Your gender;
  2.2.4 Your date of birth;
  2.2.5 Your place of birth;
  2.2.6 Your email address;
  2.2.7 Your (mobile) phone number;
2.3 Further Personal Data which e-Visa.ie processes from you when filling in the application form for a Travel Authorisation are:
  2.3.1 Your IP address;
  2.3.2 Your order ID;
  2.3.3 Your marital status;
  2.3.4 The NAR (Name, Address, Residence), nationality, place of birth, country of birth of your partner;
  2.3.5 The NAR, nationality, place of birth, country of birth of your mother;
  2.3.6 The NAR, nationality, place of birth, country of birth of your father;
  2.3.7 Your travel plans;
  2.3.8 The NAR of your emergency contact;
  2.3.9 Related to your work or education;
  2.3.10 Remaining contact information;
2.4 The special or sensitive Personal Data which e-Visa.ie processes from you during the filling in of the application form for a Travel Authorisation are:
  2.4.1 Your passport (number);
  2.4.2 Your ID-card (number);
  2.4.3 Your bank account number;
  2.4.4 Your national identification number (also known as social security number);
  2.4.5 Your passport photo;
  2.4.6 Your nationality;
  2.4.7 Your ethnic descent;
  2.4.8 Your political opinions;
  2.4.9 Your religious or life philosophical opinions;
  2.4.10 Your membership of a union;
  2.4.11 Your genetic data;
  2.4.12 Your biometric data;
  2.4.13 Your data regarding your health;
  2.4.14 Further personal data, for instance concerning the unique identification of a natural person depending on the nature of the relationship e-Visa.ie has with you.
2.5 Aside from these Personal Data it is possible that you provide additional Personal Data during your contact with us. This concerns the following categories of Personal Data:
  2.5.1 The Personal Data which you provide to e-Visa.ie during the course of the services we provide for you, such as but not limited to the information provided to the e-Visa.ie support centre and the (special) Personal Data which is required to file for a Travel Authorisation for a Customer with the various immigration services;
  2.5.2 The Personal Data which e-Visa.ie acquires through your use of our Website, attempts to contact us or otherwise communicate with us, whether or not in the name of an enterprise or in the name of somebody else.

3. Sources

3.1 As a rule e-Visa.ie gathers Personal Data from you. This is not the case in the following cases:
  3.1.1 In case e-Visa.ie acquires your Personal Data from another Customer, distributor or supplier and passes it on to e-Visa.ie so that e-Visa.ie can honour the agreement with that particular Customer, distributor or supplier;
  3.1.2 In case e-Visa.ie acquires Personal Data from another organisation.

4. Foundations

4.1 e-Visa.ie acquires Personal Data on the basis of the following foundations:
  4.1.1 The processing is necessary for the performing of the agreement with which you, your employer or your client are a party, or to, at your request, take measures before the closing of an agreement;
  4.1.2 On the basis of the justified interest of e-Visa.ie as a commercial enterprise to provide her services, except when your interests or your fundamental rights or fundamental freedoms weigh heavier than those interest;
  4.1.3 If needed e-Visa.ie will ask for your unambiguous consent for the processing of Personal Data. For the processing of special Personal Data you will be asked for your unambiguous consent.

5. Purposes

5.1 e-Visa.ie processes Personal Data for the following purposes:
  5.1.1 To enable e-Visa.ie to perform the agreement with you, your employer, or your client, such as but not limited to the agreement to deliver a valid Travel Authorisation for a country.
  5.1.2 To enable e-Visa.ie to identify you through the Website to provide the Travel Authorisation;
  5.1.3 To enable e-Visa.ie to, as a commercial enterprise, apply for a Travel Authorisation with Personal Data at the immigration services of third party countries;
  5.1.4 To enable e-Visa.ie to keep you informed about the status of your application for a Travel Authorisation, as well as to keep you informed about the starting date, expiry date and changes in the validity of your Travel Authorisation, as well as to provide messages of and about your own government and the government of the country which you will be visiting concerning the making of a safe trip and complying with the regulations of these governments.
5.2 Providing the requested Personal Data under 4.1.1 and 4.1.3 is a necessary condition to reach an agreement with e-Visa.ie. When these data are not provided, e-Visa.ie might not be able to meet the commitments which rest on e-Visa.ie on the basis of the reached or to reach agreement. Providing the requested Personal Data under 4.1.2 is not mandatory and is not a necessary condition to reach an agreement with e-Visa.ie. When the data cannot be provided e-Visa.ie might not be able to exercise its services or commitments as intended.

6. Data retention

6.1 e-Visa.ie never stores the gathered Personal Data for longer than the purpose for which these Personal Data are originally gathered. Personal Data is never stored longer than the below displayed periods of time, unless there is a legal obligation for e-Visa.ie to store these Personal Data for a longer period (for instance, due to fiscal reasons), and unless you provide permission to store the Personal Data for longer.
6.2 The storage periods for the following categories Personal Data are as follows:
- Personal Data of (persons employed by) customers and suppliers: 2 years after the end of the final agreement with e-Visa.ie;
- Personal Data of (persons employed by) prospects: 2 years after the final contact with e-Visa.ie;
- Personal Data of applicants: 4 weeks after the application procedure;
- Personal Data provided via an application form for a Travel Authorisation on our website or otherwise voluntarily provided to e-Visa.ie: 6 months after expiry of the Travel Authorisation or 6 months after the last contact with you.

7. Receivers and Transfer

7.1 e-Visa.ie transfers Personal Data to third parties, so called ‘receivers’, in case this is necessary for the performing of the purposes that are mentioned in this Policy. The (categories of) possible receivers of the Personal Data are:
  7.1.1 The different immigration services outside of or within the EEA;
  7.1.2 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Customer's home country;
  7.1.3 Our business relations, customers and (cloud) suppliers, for the benefit of performing the agreement with e-Visa.ie or in the context of our regular business operations with you, your client or your employer;
  7.1.4 Our auditors, legal advisors and other advisors;
  7.1.5 With regard to our Website: providers of tools to analyze the usage of our Website, under the conditions as included in our cookie policy (see below part II Cookie policy);
  7.1.6 Possible other receivers where you explicitly or implicitly agree with the performing of the services of e-Visa.ie for you or the enterprise you work for.

8. Possible Receivers and Transfers

8.1 Aside from the receivers as mentioned in article 7, it is possible that e-Visa.ie publicizes or discloses Personal Data in the following circumstances:
  8.1.1 In case e-Visa.ie is involved in a purchase or sale of enterprise, in which case Personal Data will possibly be provided to the potential buyer and the Personal Data will be provided under this Policy;
  8.1.2 In case e-Visa.ie on the basis of a legal obligation is required to provide Personal Data, or to perform the Policy, the general terms or the agreement with you (or your employer or client), to safeguard the rights, properties and freedoms of e-Visa.ie or her clients or others, e-Visa.ie will likewise proceed with this.

9. International Transfer

9.1 e-Visa.ie forwards Personal Data to third party countries or international organisations outside of the European Economic Area (EEA).
9.2 With the transfer of Personal Data, e-Visa.ie will at all times make sure that there are fitting safeguards for the protection of Personal Data.
9.3 Should e-Visa.ie in any other way transfer Personal Data outside the European Economic Area to a third party country or an international organisation, then e-Visa.ie will make sure if there is mention of an adequacy decision in line with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and in case there is no such decision, transferring Personal Data will only occur if there are fitting and adequate safeguards, such as agreeing to a standard EU Model Contract with the international organisation.

10. Security

10.1 e-Visa.ie greatly values the security of Personal Data and has taken fitting measures and safeguards for this, which comply with article 31 of the GDPR. These measures comply with all the demands that the GDPR sets for this, and are among the following:
  10.1.1 The pseudonymisation and encrypting of Personal Data.
  10.1.2 The usage of Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
  10.1.3 The usage of two-factor authentication, anti-virus software, anti-spam software and firewalls.
  10.1.4 Various other safety measures which we do not share with third parties due to safety concerns.

11. Rights

11.1 The GDPR gives Involved, depending on the situations and under terms, the following rights:
  11.1.1 The right to ask for insight into the Personal Data;
  11.1.2 The right to request the rectification of Personal Data;
  11.1.3 The right to ask for removal of the Personal Data;
  11.1.4 The right to ask if processing can be limited;
  11.1.5 The right to object to the processing;
  11.1.6 The right to data portability;
  11.1.7 Where the processing is based on consent: the right to withdraw consent at any time, without compromising the righteousness of the processing before this withdrawal;
  11.1.8 The right to file a complaint with an overseeing authority, such as the Data Protection Authority.
11.2 In performing these rights it is possible that e-Visa.ie will request specific supplementary information. This supplementary information will only be processed with the goal of performing the aforementioned rights.

12. Questions

12.1 For questions regarding the processing of Personal Data by e-Visa.ie and for requests with regard to your Personal Data (as mentioned in article 11) you can contact e-Visa.ie through the information as mentioned in article 1.1 of this Policy.

13. Part II – Cookie and Local Storage Policy

13.1 Cookies are small packages of data which are sent to your browser and stored on the device with which you visit various location on the internet. e-Visa.ie makes use of such cookies to make sure that the Website can be used as intended by e-Visa.ie . The cookies that are used make it so that, for instance, contact information does not suddenly disappear. Other cookies allow for a total anonymous analysing of the Website, provide feedback, share messages on social media, and show relevant advertisements on websites of third parties.
Sometimes data is not stored in a cookie, but in the ‘local storage’ of your browser. This works somewhat the same, but it can hold more data and it is more secure. Furthermore, it is not the websites who decide how long the data will be stored, but you. This depends on the settings of your browser and/or how often you erase your browser history.

14. Purposes

14.1 Cookies are used by e-Visa.ie on the website, with the intended purpose of:
  14.1.1 Securing an optimal functioning Website;
  14.1.2 Developing and improving the Website;
  14.1.3 Storing preferences, such as language, location, orders etc.;
  14.1.4 Making it possible to contact e-Visa.ie through the Website;
  14.1.5 Analysing usage of the Website;
  14.1.6 Creating statistics about the usage of the Website;

15. Which cookies, Local Storage Variables and Session Storage Variables are Used

15.1 e-Visa.ie makes use of three ways to store data in your browser: cookies, local storage variables and session storage variables.
15.2 Cookies and local storage variables which make sure that the website functions properly. The below mentioned cookies and local storage variables are used to make sure that the website functions well. For instance, cookies are placed that make sure your contact information is remembered while you proceed through the website.
e-Visa.ie uses the cookies mentioned below for:
• Optimizing usage of the website;

TypePlaced byName cookiePurposeHow long
Cookiee-Visa.ietime zoneKeeping track of the timezone in which the visitor is located.1 year
Cookiee-Visa.ie*-trsKeeping track of the amount of travellers within a visa application, travel permission or embassy registration.15 days
Cookiee-Visa.ierefafKeeping track through which website a visitor enters to possibly reward a partner.Varying from 1 day to 30 days
Cookiee-Visa.iePHPSESSIDThis session cookie is standardly used by PHP in the communication between the webserver and the browser. Each visitor receives a unique and automated ID by PHP. We place and use these cookies only with visitors who have started a visa application, travel authorisation or embassy registration.This cookie is removed after closing the browser.
Local storagee-Visa.ie[id=application_*]The temporary storage of data within a visa application, travel authorisation or embassy registration.15 days
Local storagee-Visa.ieinsert-dateKeeping track of when the filling out of a visa application, travel authorisation or embassy registration has started.15 days
Local storagee-Visa.iecountry-codeKeeping track of where the visitor is located.15 days

15.3 Cookies with which we can measure usage of the Website
It is useful for e-Visa.ie to know which parts of the Website are most viewed. e-Visa.ie does this by making use of software from a third party. Through this we can, for instance, view the number of visitors. With this information statistics are made which inform e-Visa.ie how the Website is used. It is not possible to trace these statistics back to a natural person. e-Visa.ie uses these cookies for:
• Providing insight in the usage of the Website;
• Optimizing the Website

Placed byName cookiePurposeHow long
Google AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsTo provide insight into the statistics of the Website. When the ID is made it is stored in this cookie and sent with each hit and sent to Google Analytics. This ID is used on the servers of Google Analytics to calculate statistics, such as the number of unique visitors, sessions and campaign data. This information is not shared with third parties and the ip-address is randomized. For further clarification on Google Analytics visit https://www.google.com/intl/nl/policies/privacy/38 months
HotjarHotjarWith this, visitors are anonymously followed on the website with the purpose of improving the functioning of the website and the user experience of visitors. Personal Data are not visible and are not stored.1 year

15.4 Other cookies
It is possible that e-Visa.ie does not always have insight into the cookies which are placed on the Website by third parties. An example is the usage of embedded elements on the Website. These are texts, images or films which are not stored with e-Visa.ie or in the Website but which are still shown by the Website. Should you encounter cookies which fall under this category on the Website and which we did not mention above, let us know. Or contact the third party directly and ask which cookies they place, what their reasons for doing so are, what the duration of the cookie is, and in what ways your privacy is safeguarded.

16. Browser settings

16.1 If you do not agree with the placing of cookies on your devices and/or computer, you can adjust the browser settings in such a way that you receive a warning before cookies are placed. You can adjust these settings so that the browser refuses all cookies, or only cookies from third parties. It is also possible to remove all placed cookies. Take note: you are required to adjust the settings for each browser and device you use individually.
16.2 It is important that you realize that if you do not allow cookies, we cannot guarantee that the website will function optimally. It is possible that several features will be lost or that certain parts are no longer visible. Refusing the cookies does not mean you will no longer see any advertisements, you will only stop seeing personalized advertisements.
16.3 More information about the settings of your browser can be found through the helpfunction of your browser.
16.4 Below are hyperlinks to the pages about cookies for the most commonly used browsers:
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
16.5 If you want to turn off cookies from specific parties, you can do so through Your Online Choices.

17. Changes

17.1 This Policy will have to be revised every once in a while, because the Website or the rules regarding cookies can change. e-Visa.ie maintains the right to change this Policy without warning. This page will always hold the most recent version of the cookie statement.


18.1 For questions about the usage of cookies by e-Visa.ie you can contact e-Visa.ie through the information as mentioned in article 1.1 of this policy.