News report | | 30-06-2022 | ±2 minutes reading time

Vietnam is a popular holiday destination for all kinds of tourists. This charming country can be visited in various ways, including by cruise ship. To visit Vietnam during a cruise, travellers need a Vietnam visa.

Ideal location

Thanks to its long coastline with many ports, Vietnam is easy to reach by cruise ship. With a cruise that stops at several ports, all of Vietnamʼs charming spots can be explored. Because the country is not yet as developed as surrounding Asian countries, there is an authentic atmosphere that makes it attractive to many tourists. Due to the various colonial influences of the past, there are different cultures to discover from north to south. The climate and nature are also very diverse throughout the country, which makes it definitely worthwhile to book a cruise that does not only go to Ho Chi Minh City.

World cruise or regional cruise

The range of cruise holidays available worldwide is considerably broad. Therefore, before booking a cruise, it is important to carefully check which cruise goes to the maximum number of destinations in Vietnam. Logically, a world cruise goes to fewer destinations per country than a regional cruise. Therefore, to experience as much of beautiful Vietnam as possible, a cruise through Vietnam only, or Southeast Asia is the better option. Again, however, the focus may be on other countries than Vietnam, so it is good to know which destinations should not be missed during the cruise through Southeast Asia.

Halong Bay and surrounding area

Of course, one of the 7 wonders of nature cannot be missed. The nearly 2,000 islands that legend has it were formed by the enormous tail of a dragon are the most photographed of all the landscapes in the world. It would be a shame for the cruise ship to spend only one day here, so when booking a cruise, check whether you can spend several days in this area. When booking a cruise, also take note of the 30-day validity of the Vietnam visa.

Hué, Hoi An en Da Nang

Hué, the imperial capital of Thua Thien Hue province in central Vietnam, is rich in pagodas and palaces from the Nguyen dynasty. Besides numerous impressive buildings such as the Hue Imperial Palace and the Thanh Toan Bridge, the so-called Perfume River surrounds the city. Near Hué is Hoi An, one of the oldest cities in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Here, many Japanese and Chinese influences can be seen in the picturesque town centre. Somewhere between Hué and Hoi An lies the city of Da Nang. The city itself is not as attractive as Hoi An, but it is surrounded by high mountains and beautiful scenery. There are more and more facilities in town, such as terraces, bars, and restaurants.

Cruising with a Vietnam visa

Both airline and cruise ship passengers need a Vietnam visa to enter the country. The Embassy of Vietnam advises all travellers to apply for the Vietnam e-visa. The use of the visa on arrival is advice against. The e-visa is easy to apply for online via the form and costs only € 49,95. You do not need to visit an embassy, but will receive your visa by email.