Tanzania’s High Commission represents Tanzania’s interests abroad and is committed to promoting cooperation between countries. In addition, the High Commission provides consular services for Tanzanians abroad and for visitors from other countries. As the High Commission no longer issues paper visas, visa applications have to be submitted online through the official website of the Tanzania immigration service.

Tanzania High Commission in the UK and Ireland

In the UK and Ireland, Tanzania is represented by the High Commission in London. Tanzania does not have a separate embassy in Ireland. The services of the High Commission are available to people from both countries. Thus, people living in Ireland can also visit the High Commission in London. Moreover, Tanzania does not have a consulate in the UK or Ireland. Consular services are performed by the High Commission.

Functions and purposes of the High Commission

The High Commission has several functions with the purpose of maintaining Tanzania’s international relations with other countries, promoting the country internationally and providing essential consular services. The main tasks can be divided into four functional areas:

Political cooperation Maintaining bilateral relations, conducting political and economic negotiations and representing Tanzania’s interests abroad.
Commercial activities Promoting economic cooperation and investments in Tanzania. This includes promoting tourism to Tanzania.
Consular services This includes providing passports and other documents for Tanzanians abroad and supporting Tanzanians in emergency situations.
Other duties This includes promoting cooperation with NGOs, representation in international organisations, as well as cultural exchange and scientific cooperation.

Cooperation with NGOs is particularly important for Tanzania to enable various social projects and development assistance. Thanks to this cooperation, numerous projects have already been developed around issues such as poverty alleviation, combating HIV/AIDS, sustainability, agricultural development and improving public policies.

Apply for a Tanzania visa online

If you want to travel to Tanzania, you will need a visa. Tanzania issues the following visa types:

  • single-entry visa (for tourism or business travel)
  • multiple-entry visa (for business trips)
  • transit visa
  • free visa (for diplomats only)
  • student visa

The most commonly used visa is the single-entry visa for tourist travel. This visa can be easily applied for online and allows a 90-day stay in Tanzania. Those travelling to Tanzania to do voluntary work will need a work permit in addition to the visa. This can be obtained after arrival at the airport or at an immigration office.
Apply now for the Tanzania visa online

Questions about the working areas of the High Commission or visa applications?

For questions about the Tanzania visa you can first read the frequently asked questions and their answers. If you cannot find the answer to your visa-related questions here, you can contact e-Visa.ie through this page. This is the fastest way to get an answer to your question about the Tanzania visa.

Do you have a question that is not related to the Tanzania visa? In that case, you can contact Tanzania’s High Commission in London. They can be reached via the contact information below:

Contact information Tanzania High Commission in the United Kingdom

Tanzania High Commission in London
Address 3 Stratford Pl, London W1C 1AS, UK
Telephone +44(0)207 569 1470
E-mail Tanzania@tzhc.uk

Map of London and the High CommissionTanzania High Commission in London

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