The United States of America has an embassy in London and in Dublin. Also, the country is represented by the U.S. Consulate Generals in Belfast, Edinburgh and Hamilton, as well as having a virtual presence in Wales.

Tasks of the US embassies

The US embassy in the United Kingdom is located in London, while the embassy in Ireland is located in Dublin. The main objective of both embassies is to represent the interests of the government and the people of the US in foreign countries. Also, the American embassies maintain contact with the local press and try to advance the bilateral relations between the United States and the host country. The embassies engage in questions surrounding the economy and commercial interests, developmental aid, cultural exchange, military cooperation, and the fight against international crime and terrorism, among others.

The US embassy in London describes the UK as the strongest ally of the United States. The relations between the countries extend across many centuries. Both countries are said to follow the same ideals of freedom and democracy, even sharing a common language. The embassy in London plays a key role in maintaining and advancing this special relationship.

Consular services at the US embassies

The US embassies in London and Dublin are not only responsible for the aforementioned tasks, but they also offer consular services. These include legalising documents, extending passports of US citizens and supporting US citizens in civil affairs.

British and Irish citizens can also apply for a visa at the United States embassy in London or Dublin. British citizens in Northern Ireland can apply for a visa at the US consulate in Belfast.

The US consulates in Belfast, Edinburgh and Hamilton

The United States of America also maintains Consulate Generals in Belfast, Edinburgh and Hamilton (Bermuda). These consulates are mostly responsible for extending consular services to American citizens in the United Kingdom. Only the US consulate in Belfast also extends visa services to inhabitants of the UK who intend to visit the United States of America. UK citizens living in Northern Ireland can apply for a US visa at the consulate in Belfast. The US consulates in Edinburgh and Hamilton do not extend visa services.

Virtual presence in Wales

The USA does not have a physical mission in Wales. However, the country maintains a virtual presence in Wales, which is tasked with advancing the relationship between the United States and Wales. For more information about this virtual presence, one can contact the department of Welsh Affairs at the US embassy in London. Inhabitants of Wales can apply for a US visa through the embassy in London.

Applying for a travel authorisation for the USA

British and Irish citizens who intend to travel the United States of America do not need to go to the embassy or the consulate in most cases. If the visit is for tourism, business or a transit in the United States, British and Irish nationals may use an ESTA instead of a visa. The ESTA is an electronic travel authorisation which can be applied for easily on After approval, the travel authorisation is connected to the applicant’s passport number. To be eligible for an ESTA, applicants need to meet a number of requirements. Also, applicants should keep the validity period of the ESTA in mind.

Visa application through the embassy or consulate

If you do not meet the ESTA requirements or if your travel purpose is not allowed with an ESTA, you will need to apply for a visa to be allowed to travel to the USA. Irish travellers can submit their visa application at the embassy in Dublin, whereas British travellers can go to the embassy in London or the consulate in Belfast. Travellers can apply for various types of visas for the United States at the US missions.

On this website, you can only apply for an ESTA for the USA, and cannot assist you with a visa application through the embassy or consulate. If you meet the ESTA requirements and apply for this travel authorisation through, an English-speaking visa expert will be ready to assist you around the clock, any day of the week. Also, your application will be checked for common mistakes, and you will get to choose between multiple well-known and trustworthy payment methods. An ESTA application is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to receive a travel authorisation for the USA.

Apply for your ESTA for the United States

Contact details US embassy and consulate

British and Irish citizens who need a US visa can submit their applications only at the U.S. embassy in London or Dublin, or at the U.S. Consulate General in Belfast. In the following, you will find the contact details of the US embassies in the UK and Ireland, and the details of the US consulate in Belfast.

Please keep in mind that visits to the US embassies and consulates are by appointment only.

U.S. Embassy London
Address 33 Nine Elms Lane, London, SW11 7US
Telephone +44 (0)20 7499-9000

Location of the US embassy in the UKLocation of the US embassy in the UK

U.S. Consulate General Belfast
Address Danesfort House, 223 Stranmillis Road, Belfast BT9 5GR
Telephone +44 (0)28 9038 6100

Location of the US consulate in BelfastLocation of the US consulate in Belfast

U.S. Embassy Dublin
Address 42 Elgin Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
Telephone +353 (0)1 668-8777

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