News report | | 26-01-2022 | ±2 minutes reading time

In a recent global passport ranking, the Tanzanian passport scores well compared to other African countries.

Henley Passport Index

The annual ranking is known as the Henley Passport Index. It was first known as the Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index, but the current name was chosen in January 2018. The ranking tests the passports of 199 countries based on the amount of destinations that can be travelled to visa-free with that passport. The ranking looks at 227 destinations. For each country to which visa-free travel is allowed, the passport is awarded one point. If a visa can be obtained on arrival in that country, and the visa does not have to be applied for before departure, the passport is also awarded one point. No points can be deducted. Only scores of 1 or 0 are possible per destination. This means that the maximum score is 227 and the lowest score is 0.

The Tanzania passport has a better rating than last year

Based on these rules, the Tanzanian passport scores relatively well. Tanzania ranks 71 this year. The African country shares this position with Kenya. Passports from these countries allow travel to 72 countries without having to apply for a visa in advance. Tanzania has moved up eight places from last year, when only 64 countries were eligible for visa-free travel with a Tanzanian passport. With this position, Tanzania‘s passport is the eighth strongest passport in all of Africa. Tanzania leaves behind Morocco (79), Ghana (79) and Ivory Coast (87), among others. African countries with stronger passports include South Africa (51), Botswana (60) and Namibia (66).

One of the reasons Tanzania scores so well is that the country itself allows visa-free travel for a large number of countries. These are mainly other African countries, but also travellers from, for example, Hong Kong and Singapore can travel to Tanzania without a visa. In contrast to many other countries that allow visa-free travel, Tanzania allows travellers without visas to stay in the country for a relatively long period of time: up to three months.

However, travellers who require a visa for Tanzania, such as Dutch and Belgian nationals, can also travel to the country relatively easily. Since 2018, Tanzania has in fact implemented an e-visa system. The e-visa can be applied for entirely online. Alternatively, there is also the visa on arrival, which can be obtained after arrival in Tanzania.

Top ten consists mainly of western countries

As in previous years, this year‘s top ten is largely filled by Western European countries. Seven European countries are in the top ten, including Germany (2), Finland (3) and the Netherlands (4). This is partly due to agreements such as the Schengen Agreement, which allows visa-free travel between 26 European countries. Japan and Singapore top the list. Passports from these countries allow travel to 192 countries without having to apply for a visa in advance.

Bottom of the list

At the bottom of the list are mostly countries ravaged by conflicts. Afghanistan is in last place (111), with only 26 countries to which visa-free travel is permitted. Countries like Iraq (110) and Syria (109) also score very low.