Do you require a visa and are you eligible to apply for the Turkey e-visa on The Turkey visa application form is short, clear and concise. This makes it easy to fill in, even if you have not booked your flight or overnight lodgings. On this page you will find a comprehensive explanation on how to fill in the application form. The form itself can be found on this website as well.

Please Note: Do you want to stay in Turkey for less than 90 days on a holiday or business trip? If you are a national of the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, or any other country in the European Union, as of 2020, you no longer need a visa for these purposes.

Example of the application form e-Visa.ieExample of the application form on

Step 1: Before filling in the form

Filling in the Turkey visa application form is a straightforward process, but it is important not to go about it hastily. The first step consists of a short preparation to make sure that your visa is valid when you arrive in Turkey.

Check if you meet the requirements

For a holiday, family visit, or business trip to Turkey, some travellers who hold the nationality of certain countries are eligible for the electronic visa available on this website. However, not all those who are eligible can, in fact, apply for the Turkey visa on UK and Irish travellers are among those who no longer need the visa since 2020.

Do you have the nationality of one of the countries within the visa exemption rule for a stay of up to 90 days, but do you wish to stay longer? Or, do you have a different travel purpose than permitted without a visa? Then you need a different visa, which is not available online. If you are, however, able to apply for the e-visa on this website, then before filling in the form, it is advised to make sure you meet all of the Turkey visa requirements.

Gather the necessary documents

To apply for the visa for Turkey, you only need a valid passport. You can fill out the form for yourself, but the form also allows for multiple applications at once. This way you can, for example, apply for your entire family or travel company by filling out a single form. This saves a lot of work because you won’t need to fill out all of the contact information and travel details over and over. You are, however, required to have the passport of every traveller at hand, or at least the information in them.

You do not require any further documents; so no flight tickets or booking confirmations for overnight lodgings. There is no need to upload any passport scans or photos when applying for the Turkey visa, allowing for the process to take as little time as possible.

Step 2: Open the “Turkey visa application form”

After you’ve made sure qualify for the visa and have the required passports at hand, you can open the Turkey visa application form. This can be done by pressing the green button below:
Open the Turkey visa application form

Step 3: Fill in your contact information

The first part of the Turkey visa application form consists of the contact information of the applicant. You do not need to fill in the contact information of each individual traveller for whom you are filing a visa for, not even if they live at different addresses. This information is primarily used to contact you. Generally speaking, all communication takes place by e-mail. You will also receive an SMS as soon as the visa status of all the travellers is known; this is the moment when it is confirmed for all travellers whether the visa application has been approved or denied. Rejections happen extremely rarely, and are usually the result of previous law violations, or being blacklisted by the Turkish government.

Application form: step 3Application form: step 3

Step 4: Fill in your travel details

The next step concerns your trip. As you can see on the form, there won’t be many questions asked in this part. The Turkish immigration service does not need to know where you will be staying, what your travel purpose is, or for how long you wish to stay in Turkey. You are, however, required to meet the requirements set for usage of the visa, as explained on the page explaining the Turkey visa requirements.

Application form: step 4Application form: step 4 (the surcharge for an urgent application is € 17,50 per traveller)

Starting date Turkey visa

The starting date which you fill in on the form can be an estimate; you are not required to arrive exactly on this date. Take note: while you are allowed to arrive after the filled-in date, you are not allowed to arrive before it. The validity period of 180 days only starts at the date filled in on the visa form. Unsure of when you will arrive? Maintain a margin, and fill in a date that, for example, lies a week before your expected arrival date. If anything should change in your planning, you won’t need to apply for a new visa.

It can also occur that the airline expedites the flight, slightly changing the date and making you run the risk of arriving in Turkey before the validity period of your visa starts. Considering the relatively long validity period of 180 days, it is generally not an issue to maintain a healthy margin and choose a starting date earlier than your actual date of arrival.

In urgent need of a Turkey visa?

This part of the form also asks whether you wish to make use of the urgent application procedure. You can acquire an urgent delivery for a surcharge of € 17,50 per traveller who needs a visa. This is advised if you expect to arrive in Turkey within a few days. Because an urgent delivery in most cases takes place within 45 minutes of submitting the application, it is possible to apply for a visa at the airport of departure or arrival. However, if it is rejected, it is generally not possible to visit the consulate before departure for an alternative visa. This is why it is prudent to submit an urgent application as early as possible.

Step 5: Filling in the passport information

The final step of the application form concerns filling out the passport information of the travellers. If you wish to apply for a visa for yourself, fill in your own passport information. If you also wish to apply for a Turkey visa for your fellow travellers, you can go to the bottom of the form and click on the blue button with the text: “Add a traveller”.

Application form: step 5Application form: step 5

Take note: fill in the passport information with care

Take note: fill in the passport information with care
All visa applications are manually checked by us for possible errors. In case an error is suspected, you will be contacted immediately to correct the faulty information. For example, should you fill in a passport number which is too long or too short, then we will alert you to this mistake. However, should you misspell a letter, we will not be able to know if it is a mistake. The form will then be processed and you will most likely receive an e-mail saying the visa has been approved. Upon arrival in Turkey, the Turkish immigration service will notice right away that the visa is not valid. This is because the immigration employee will run your passport through a passport scanner, which will digitally scan your passport. Their database will then show that there is no valid visa linked to your passport, and you will be denied access to the country. To avoid these issues it is of great importance that you carefully check the passport information for any possible mistakes. If you catch one, rectify it immediately to avoid any trouble at the airport.

Step 6: Making the payment

After you have filled in all of the necessary information in the Turkey visa application form (and double-checked it for mistakes), you will be asked to choose a payment method. After you have made your choice and agreed with the general terms, you will be redirected to the payment page. As soon as you have made the payment, your application will be processed. Did you submit an urgent application? Then you can expect your visa within 45 minutes in your e-mail inbox. Don’t forget to print the visa or to store it on your phone or tablet, so that you can show it in the (rare) case you are asked to.

Ready to fill in the form?

Proceed directly to the Turkey visa application form.
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