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All British and Irish travellers wishing to travel to Cuba must meet the visa requirement. This means that it is mandatory for all travellers to apply for a Cuba visa. When travelling with underage children, the children must also have their own passport and visa for Cuba.

When applying for a visa, you do not receive the visa by e-mail, but a paper visa is delivered to your home. The shipping costs are included in the price. The visa card is delivered by post, because Cuba does not (yet) have a system to apply for a digital visa. Important: it takes some time before the visa is sent. Need a visa urgently? Submit an urgent application.

A Cuba visa is mandatory

Anyone wishing to travel to Cuba must apply for a visa. This can easily be done via the online application form on It is important to know that it may take some time before a visa application is approved.

The visa requirement applies to residents of all countries of the European Union, including British and Irish nationals. Children also need to have their own visa for Cuba, it is not permitted to include them in their parents’ passports or visas.

The Cuba visa can only be applied for through the online application form if your trip has a tourist purpose. If your trip falls under this definition, you do not have to visit the Cuban embassy to get a visa. Applying can be done online.

This is what the Cuba visa looks like

Unlike many other countries, Cuba does not yet offer a digital visa. When applying for a Cuba visa, you will receive a paper visa. This is a green paper card consisting of two identical parts. On both the left and right part, the traveller has to fill in his or her personal information before departure. This includes the nationality, first name and surname, date of birth and passport number.

It is important that this information is correct, as this will be checked on arrival in Cuba. When you arrive in Cuba, the Cuban immigration service takes the right side of the card by tearing it off. The other part must be carried for the duration of your stay in Cuba, as it has to be handed in when you leave the country again.

It is recommended that the visa be kept with the passport at all times during the journey, as the visa has to be handed in when leaving the country.

No need to visit the embassy

Travellers no longer have to go to the Cuban embassy to get their visas. Everyone can apply for a Cuba visa via the online application form. It is also possible to apply for a visa for someone else, as long as you have their personal information ready. Submitting an application for someone else at the consulate costs £25,- extra. This surcharge does not exist on

Applying for a Cuba visa

It is recommended arranging your visas well in advance. It is easy to apply online and the visa costs € 44,95 per person. This price includes consular fees, application and shipping costs and VAT. Payment can be done with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

A Cuba visa has certain requirements. It does not matter where you arrive, but the passport must still be valid for at least seven months on the day of arrival in Cuba. If necessary, it is possible to have the visa extended at the immigration office. This allows you to stay in Cuba for 180 days instead of 90. The green Cuba visa is not suitable for travellers flying on directly from the United States, in which case a special pink visa is required. Moreover, it is not allowed to work on the visa. We stress again that minors must also have their own visa.

If you are in a rush, you can use the urgent application procedure to apply for your Cuba visa.

Urgent visa application Cuba

Applying for a visa costs € 44,95 per person. You can apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It takes about four working days to send the visa. It is important to fill in the passport details correctly on the Cuba visa.

Urgent Cuba visa

Urgent visa
If you forgot to apply for a visa, or if you find out later that you need a visa, it is possible to submit an urgent application. It is important to keep an eye on the deadlines for applying for a Cuba visa. An urgent application will only be processed on the same working day if it is submitted and paid for before 12:00 in the morning. The application will then be processed on the same day and the visa will be sent immediately by post. There is no need to call or e-mail to submit an urgent application. Just use the normal application form and check the option “urgent”
Apply for Cuba visa

An additional € 10,00 per person is charged for urgent applications. It is recommended arranging the visa on time, as it cannot be guaranteed that the visa will be processed on time, even with urgent applications.

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