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Before your online application for a Kenya visa can be processed, you need to upload a number of documents after paying. All travellers who need to meet the visa requirements need to submit a digital copy of their photograph and passport. Furthermore, depending on the purpose of the trip, they need to submit several other documents.

Online application Kenya visa

Applying for a visa online can be done easily and quickly through Are you travelling to Kenya? In that case, you can also easily submit the visa application online. It is possible to submit an individual application, but it is also possible to apply for the visa for multiple travellers at the same time with a group application. It is possible to merge individual applications into a group application for travellers travelling in the same group.

Submit the documents for your trip on time

The application is not complete until all required documents are correctly submitted. These documents will be sent to the Kenyan immigration service for approval. The application is processed in approximately 9 days (in the case of an urgent application, even within 3 days), but keep in mind that this period starts only after the required documents for all travellers have been submitted correctly. By submitting your documents on time, you will avoid having your application delayed. Keep in mind that the same documents you have digitally submitted for your visa application you also have to print out and take with you on your trip.

Requirements for travel to Kenya

To apply for a visa, you need to meet all the requirements of the designated visa. For example, for the Kenya visa, there are certain requirements regarding the applicantʼs passport, as well as requirements regarding the arrival location in Kenya. In addition, there are certain requirements that only apply in certain situations, such as in the case of travelling with children who do not require a visa. The Kenya visa requirements page lists the requirements that all visa applicants for Kenya must meet.

Specific additional requirements also apply for the different travel purposes for which the Kenya visa can be used, and certain documents must be provided. A digital photograph and passport scan must be submitted for all travellers for whom you apply for a visa. Below, you can read more about the other documents required for each travel purpose.

Tourist travel

The Kenya visa that is available online can be applied for a holiday trip or any other type of tourist travel, such as visiting family or friends in Kenya, for example. In the case of a holiday, it is required to provide a booking confirmation or a screenshot showing the confirmation.

Those travelling to Kenya to visit family or friends must provide, instead of a booking confirmation, a letter of invitation from the family member or friend where the overnight stay will take place. It may be a handwritten letter, but it should always include both the full name of all travellers for whom a visa is being requested and the full name of the person where the overnight stay will take place. The letter should also include the address and phone number of this person and the dates of their arrival and departure at this address. When visiting friends or family, you must also provide a digital copy of the ID card or passport of the family member or friend with whom you are staying overnight. This person must be a Kenyan national.

Business travel

With the Kenya visa that can be applied for online, business travel is also possible. No booking confirmation needs to be provided for this. However, an invitation letter from the organisation to be visited in Kenya must be supplied. If you are travelling to Kenya for a conference, fair or congress, this is also a business purpose. In this case, an invitation or ticket for the business event to be visited is sufficient. If a letter of invitation is supplied, it should include the full name of all travellers for whom a visa is applied for, as well as the purpose of the trip and the dates relating to the business arrangement. The letter should also include the name, address and phone number of the organisation through which the traveller is invited.

Required documents for travel with children

Children up to 15 years old with the nationality of a country in the European Union do not need a Kenya visa in the case of tourist travel. However, they must always hold a valid passport. In addition, children under 18 years of age at the time of arrival must always be added to the visa application of an accompanying parent or legal guardian. For this purpose, a digital copy of the minorʼs passport must be submitted with the visa application of the minorʼs accompanying parent or legal guardian.

Keep in mind that children aged 16 and 17 must therefore both have their own visa and be added to the visa application of an accompanying parent or legal guardian. Furthermore, special rules apply when a minor travels without one or more parents or guardians.

Processing the application

Are you aware of all the requirements for your trip to Kenya and do you have all the necessary documents at hand? Then you can apply for your visa quickly and easily online. If you do not yet have all the required documents, you can also submit them at a later stage. In that case, however, always keep in mind that the aforementioned delivery times only take effect after all required documents have been submitted and must meet all requirements.

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