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Most travellers can easily apply for their visa online for a trip to Kenya. Travelling to Kenya without a visa is only possible for travellers who are exempted based on their nationality. However, this exemption only applies to several African countries, island nations and other small countries outside the European Union.

Applying for a visa for a trip to Kenya

Most travellers require a visa for a trip to Kenya. There are only a few exceptions to the visa requirement. Almost all travellers with the nationality of the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, or a country in the European Union can apply for the visa online. The online visa is suitable for a single trip to the country for a stay of up to 90 consecutive days for a holiday, family visit, or business trip.

Apply online for a Kenya visa now

Travellers from various countries cannot use the online application procedure and have to apply for a “Referred Visa” at the Kenya Embassy. In the next paragraph, you can read which travellers can apply for the visa online, which travellers have to apply for the visa at an embassy and which travellers do not require a visa for Kenya.

These travellers can apply for the visa online

Travellers from the UK and most European countries, such as Ireland, can apply for the Kenya visa online. Travellers from Cyprus and San Marino can travel to Kenya without a visa. Travellers from Kosovo and Armenia, however, have to apply for the visa at the embassy.

Travellers from these countries can apply for the e-visa
EU countriesNon EU countries
Czech RepublicMaltaIcelandSwitzerland
FinlandPortugalLichtensteinUnited Kingdom
France*RomaniaMoldovaVatican City

* Including oversees territories within the EU.

In most cases, travellers from outside Europe, can also apply for the Kenya visa online. There is a special arrangement for travellers of South African or Malaysian nationality. They can stay in Kenya for up to 30 days without a visa, but have to apply for an e-visa if they wish to stay longer.

Other nationalities who are eligible for the Kenya e-visa
AfricaThe Americas and CaribbeanAsia and Oceania
AngolaAntigua and BarbudaBahrainNepal
BeninArgentinaBangladeshNew Zealand
Burkina FasoBermudaBhutanOman
Cape VerdeBoliviaCambodiaPakistan
Central African Republic (CAR)BrazilChinaPalau
ChadCanadaHong Kong (SAR)Philippines
Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville)ColombiaIranRussia
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC/Congo/Kinshasa)Costa RicaIsraelSaudi Arabia (KSA)
DjiboutiCubaJapanSouth Korea
EgyptDominican RepublicJordanSri Lanka
Equatorial GuineaEcuadorKazakhstanTaiwan
GabonEl SalvadorKirghiziaThailand
Guinea-BissauGuyana (Cooperative Republic)LaosTurkey
Ivory Coast (Cote d’ Ivoire)HaitiMacau (SAR)Turkmenistan
MadagascarHondurasMalaysia (from 30 days)United Arab Emirates (UAE)
São Tomé and PrincipeTrinidad and Tobago
SudanUnited States of America
Western Sahara
South Africa (from 30 days)

These travellers need a “Referred Visa”

Travellers from the following countries need a “Referred Visa” for a trip to Kenya. However, this visa can only be applied for through the Kenya Embassy with a so-called ‘Form-22’ procedure. For travellers with the nationality of Azerbaijan, Eritrea, Cameroon, Mali or Senegal, the situation is not entirely clear. Travellers from these countries are therefore recommended to ask the embassy how they can get a visa for Kenya.

Nationalities who are eligible for the “Referred Visa” for Kenya
EritreaNorth KoreaYemen

These travellers can travel to Kenya without a visa

Travellers from several African countries and a few smaller countries outside Africa, do not require a visa for a stay of up to 90 days in Kenya. This arrangement applies to the below African countries and various island nations, among others. Travellers from Cyprus and San Marina are also allowed to travel to Kenya without a visa.

African countries without visa requirement for a trip to Kenya
BotswanaMauritiusSouth Sudan
LesothoSierra LeoneZimbabwe
MalawiSouth Africa (up to 30 days)

E-visa for your trip to Kenya

Are you eligible for the Kenya e-visa based on your nationality? If you also meet all the other requirements for the Kenya e-visa, then you can apply for this visa for your trip and in most cases stay in the country up to 90 consecutive days.

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