Transiting in New-Zealand is only allowed when you have a valid NZeTA or visa. The NZeTA for a transit differs from the NZeTA for a longer stay in New Zealand. Carefully read the information on this page to apply for the correct visa for your transit in New Zealand.

Visa for your transit in New Zealand

Are you transiting at an airport in New Zealand? You will always need a visa or an NZeTA, except when you have an Australian or New Zealand passport. In this case, it does not matter how much time you are going to spend in New Zealand or what your final destination is. If your plane lands in New Zealand, you will always need a valid travel authorisation. The travel authorisation needs to be applied for before departure.

To simplify transiting in New Zealand, travellers have the option to apply for a special transit NZeTA, or ‘transit visa’. The NZeTA is considerably easier to obtain than a transit visa. Therefore, it is recommended you apply for the NZeTA if you meet the requirements of the NZeTA. You can apply for this visa type for different travel purposes. Be sure to apply for the right type, so your travel authorisation is valid for your travel purpose in New Zealand.

Many travellers to Australia transit at Auckland airportA visa is required for a transit in New Zealand.

NZeTA for a transit or tourism?

In the NZeTA application form , you can choose between four different travel purposes: tourism, transit, business and medical. It is very important to decide on the right NZeTA in the application form, so that the travel authorisation matches your travel purpose. The transit NZeTA can only be used according to the following requirements:

  • You transit at Auckland International Airport
  • You stay in the transit area of the airport or on the plane during your transit
  • Your luggage is automatically checked in on your next flight
  • You spend less than 24 hours in New Zealand

Does your transit not meet all the aforementioned requirements? In that case, choose for the travel purpose ‘tourism’ in the NZeTA form. Are you not sure which type you need? Choose the NZeTA visa suitable for touristic travel purposes. An NZeTA that has been granted for touristic travel purposes can also be used for a transit in New Zealand. However, an NZeTA visa that has been granted for a transit cannot be used for other travel purposes in New Zealand. When in doubt, you can always choose for the NZeTA tourism visa.
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Multiple trips to New Zealand

Are you planning to travel to New Zealand on multiple occasions within the next two years? The NZeTA has a validity period of two years and within this period you can make an unlimited number of trips to New Zealand. This concerns every visa type, regardless of whether it is used for a transit or longer stay. Keep in mind that if you have chosen for a transit NZeTA, you can only use this visa for transiting in New Zealand. Are you making multiple trips with several travel purposes, including a transit? In that case, choose an NZeTA for touristic travel purposes, as you can use this visa for multiple transits in New Zealand.

Changing your travel purpose at a later date

It is not possible to change the travel purpose of an already approved NZeTA application. Have you applied for an NZeTA for a touristic, business or medical travel purpose, but are you only travelling to New Zealand for a transit? This is not a problem. Your NZeTA is also valid for a transit. Have you applied for an NZeTA for a transit, but do you want to stay in New Zealand for more than 24 hours and/or want to leave the transit area at the airport? Then you need to apply for a new NZeTA for your actual travel purpose before travelling to New Zealand. is a commercial and professional visa agency, and supports travellers in obtaining, among others, the New Zealand visa. acts as an intermediary and is in no way part of any government. You can also apply for a visa directly with the immigration service (58 NZD per visa, via However, not with our level of support. If you submit your application via, our support centre is available to you 24/7. In addition, we manually check your application and all the documents you provide before submitting it to the immigration authorities on your behalf. If we suspect any errors or omissions while doing so, we will personally contact you to ensure that your application can still be processed quickly and correctly. To use our services, you pay us 58 NZD in consular fees, which we pay to the immigration service on your behalf, as well as € 32,44 in service fees as compensation for our services, including VAT. Our services have saved many travellers from major problems during their trip. Should an application be rejected despite our support and verification, we will refund the full purchase price (unless an application for a previous New Zealand visa was rejected for the same traveller). Read more about our services here.