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The new electronic tourist visa for Oman

Anyone wishing to stay longer than 14 days in Oman needs a visa. You can easily apply for the e-visa for Oman online. The cost is € 49,95 per person (see details).

Apply online in three easy steps

1. Apply for the visa

Apply for the Oman visa

Open the application form for the Oman visa and submit an application for yourself and your fellow travellers.

2. Pay online

Pay for the Oman visa

The visa cost depends on the desired validity period. You can pay by credit card, or by using Google Pay, Apple Pay, Trustly or PayPal.

3. Print the visa

Print the Oman visa and take it with you on your trip

Right after your application has been approved, you will receive the official visa by e-mail. Print this PDF file.

Explanation about the visa for Oman

Do I need a visa for Oman? If you want to travel to Oman with a passport that was issued by the United Kingdom or an EU-country, you need a visa. The application procedure was revised in its entirety in 2018. You can no longer acquire a “visa on arrival”. The e-visa was introduced as a replacement for the visa on arrival. You will have to apply for this e-visa before departure. Thanks to this new system, tourists will no longer need to visit the Oman embassy to apply for their visa.

What is an Oman e-visa? The Oman e-visa is a PDF document, which is sent to you by email after approval. You need to print the visa and take it with you on your tirp. You will need to present it to the immigration officers upon arrival at the airport in Oman. The information in your passport and on the visa have to match exactly. Make sure you travel with the passport that you used when filling in the application form.

Requirements and validity period of the e-visa

Check before applying if your passport and your travel plans meet the requirements and the maximum validity period of the Oman visa.

What are the requirements of the Oman visa?

What requirements do I have to keep in mind?

  • The Oman e-visa can only be used for tourist trips
  • The passport has to be valid for at least 6 more months after arriving in Oman
  • The passport cannot contain any Israeli stamps
  • You must be able to show that you have booked a hotel and a departure ticket upon arrival
Oman visa, how long is it valid?

How long is the Oman visa valid for?
You can choose between three possible types of tourist visa in the application form, each with a different period of validity. The options are:

  • A single stay of a maximum of 10 days (single entry)
  • A single stay of a maximum of 30 days (single entry)
  • Multiple trips within one year, maximum 30 days per stay (multiple entry)

Changing travel plans

Can I change my travel plans after applying for the visa? As mentioned above, you will need to have booked a hotel and be in possession of a return or transit ticket. Omani immigration officials may ask for documents to proof this. However, you do not need to have established these things at the moment you apply for you visa. Even the arrival date can be moved up without problems after the visa is issued, up to a maximum of 10 days before or after the date you filled in on the application form. You can even change your travel plans an unlimited number of times, as long as each date of arrival falls within the one-year validity period from the moment your visa has been issued.

Cost and delivery times of the e-visa

What does the electronic visa for Oman cost? The cost of the Oman tourist visa depends on the chosen visa type. The differences lie in the maximum length of stay per trip, and the number of trips with a single visa. The single entry visa for a stay of a maximum of 10 days costs € 49,95. The single entry visa for 30 days costs € 89,95 and the multiple entry visa costs € 159,95. These are total prices, including all consular costs, service costs and taxes. You can pay safely and easily with credit card, or by using Google Pay, Apple Pay, Trustly or PayPal.

How soon will the visa be delivered? The normal delivery time of the Oman visa is 9 days on average, regardless of the visa type you chose. If you want the visa expedited, you can check the option “urgent delivery” in the application form. The delivery time for an urgent application is 4 days on average. A surcharge of € 17,50 per person applies for urgent processing. Due to the chance of random background checks, no guarantee whatsoever can be given regarding delivery times. This also applies to urgent applications.

Applying for a tourist e-visa for Oman

How can I apply for the visa for my holiday to Oman? Applying for the Oman visa can be done entirely online and only takes a few minutes. To do this, you first open the application form. Here you fill in your contact and travel information, as well as the information of each traveller that you wish to include in the application. After paying the cost, each traveller will have to upload a passport scan and a passport photo. If you do not have these at hand, you can choose to skip this step for now. However, the application can only be processed once you have provided all the information and documents.

I have a question, what now? If you still have not found a solution after reading the page with frequently asked questions about the Oman visa, you can contact the Support Centre.

Summary Oman tourist visa

Delivery time Standard application: on average 9 days
Urgent application: on average 4 days
Apply You can only apply for the visa for Oman online: apply now

Download an information sheet about the visa

Specification of the cost of the cheapest visa Oman (single entry tourist visa for 10 days)
Consular fee Service fee Total price
11,62 EUR € 38,33 € 49,95

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