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The visa rules of Oman

  • Do I need a visa for my trip to Oman, and which visa type?

    All travellers with a European nationality (including the United Kingdom and Ireland) need a passport and a visa to travel to Oman, including children. All visa types for Oman must be applied for before departure. Starting 2018, it is no longer possible to acquire a visa on arrival in Oman

    If you are travelling to Oman for a holiday, you can easily apply for the Oman visa online. You will receive the electronic visa (e-visa) in PDF format by e-mail after approval. The visa must be printed and, along with the passport, handed over on arrival in Oman. With this visa type, you can arrive in Oman by plane or cruise ship, and you can stay in Oman for a maximum of 30 days.
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    If you are travelling to Oman for business, to study or to perform volunteer work, you cannot make use of the online application procedure. You will need to apply for a business visa or a work permit. To do this, you need to make an appointment at the embassy of Oman in London (UK), or the consulate in Dublin (IE).

    If you are flying to Oman for a transfer and will therefore be staying in Oman for less than 24 hours without leaving the airport during this period, you can travel without a visa in most cases. Check this with your airline to be sure. You do need to possess a passport that is valid for at least six more months after arrival, and a flight ticket for the subsequent flight.

    Do you not have the nationality of a country that is part of the European Union? Check on this page whether you can still apply for your Oman tourist visa online.

  • Do I need to have already booked my flight and hotel, and do I need other documents?

    The tourist visa for Oman can be applied for even before a flight or hotel has been booked. You only need to fill in the application form and upload a passport scan and passport photo. You do not need any other documents when applying for the visa.

    In the application form, you are asked for the expected date of arrival. The actual date of arrival can lie a maximum of 10 days before or after the filled in expected date of arrival. You can therefore already apply for the visa before your date of arrival has been definitively established.

    Once you arrive in Oman, you do need to possess a booking confirmation of your first overnight address, as well as a ticket return ticket or other flight ticket showing that you will be leaving Oman again. However, these bookings can be made after the visa has been applied for. On arrival in Oman, you thus need to be able to present your passport, visa, booking confirmation of an overnight stay and a transit or return ticket.

    While not mandatory, it is advised to get travel insurance and to take the emergency number of it with you. Finally, it is wise to keep a copy of your passport and visa in a different bag than the one in which you keep the original documents, in case you lose it on the way.

  • How long is the Oman visa valid for and can I use it multiple times?

    This depends on which variant of the electronic Oman tourist visa you apply for. There are two different types of single entry tourist visas and one multiple entry tourist visa. All tourist visas can be applied for with the same online application form. In it, you select the desired variant.

    With the single entry visa, you can only arrive in Oman a single time. It comes in a variant that allows you to stay in the country for a maximum of 10 days, and a variant with which you can stay in the country for 30 days. These visa types can be applied for as early as you wish. This is because the validity term only starts once you actually arrive in Oman. The actual date of arrival can deviate a maximum of 10 days from the expected date of arrival, which you fill in on the application form.

    With the multiple entry visa you can travel to Oman an unlimited number of times within the one-year validity term. Each stay can last a maximum of 30 consecutive days.

    Aside from the above-mentioned validity and the visa costs, the visa variants are exactly the same, and they each have the same application procedure.

    Under certain circumstances, it is possible for all of the visa types to be extended after arrival in Oman, up to a maximum of double the original maximum length of stay. The requirements and procedure for this can be asked for at the local police after arrival in Oman.

  • At which locations can I arrive and leave Oman?

    No restrictions apply to this; the Oman e-visa can be used to arrive at every international airport, seaport and official border crossing. Of course, once in Oman you can freely make use of domestic flights between non-international airports.

  • Can I also buy a visa at the airport (visa on arrival)?

    No. This used to be the case, but has not been possible since 21 March 2018. More information about this change can be found on the page with information about the former Oman visa on arrival.

  • Do I need to stop by somewhere for my visa application?

    The entire application for your Oman tourist visa can be submitted online through this website. It is not necessary to go to a consulate, embassy or other desk to apply for your visa for Oman.
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  • Will the coronavirus (Covid-19) impact my travel plans?

    The government of Oman has taken steps to limit the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible. These might impact your travel plans. Visas cannot be refunded after issuing, not even if they cannot be used due to (future) coronavirus measures. Before applying for your visa, check with your airline, travel agency or tour operator if your trip can take place.

The online application procedure

  • How can I apply for the Oman visa?

    You can easily apply for the Oman visa online. To do this, you fill in the digital application form, make the payment and finally provide a passport scan and passport photo through the upload page which you are forwarded to after payment. After it is issued, you will receive the visa by e-mail. Print it out, so you can present it on arrival.
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  • How long does it take for my application to be approved?

    The average delivery time of the visa for Oman is 9 days. The average delivery time of urgent application is only 4 days. These average delivery times start as soon as the payment, passport scans and passport photos for each traveller in the (group) application have been received in good order, and this has been confirmed by e-mail.

    You can apply for the Oman visa as long before departure as you want. However, if you submit your application more than x months before your departure, the application will be put on hold and processed exactly x months before the date of departure that you entered in the form. This is to ensure that your visa is still valid when you need it.

    The delivery times mentioned above are averages. It is never possible to say with certainty exactly how long it will take to approve an application. This is partly due to the manual checks carried out by both the visa specialists at and immigration officials in Oman. Therefore, delivery times can never be guaranteed, not even for urgent applications. In rare cases, the immigration service can carry out extensive random background checks, as a result of which applications can be delayed by several days. cannot, under any circumstances and in any way, influence the immigration service with regard to the speed with which applications are processed, not even in the case of urgent deliveries. In order to be as sure as possible that the Oman visa is granted on time, it is recommended to submit the application at least two weeks before departure if possible.

    Do you need the Oman visa within 12 days? Then it is important that your application is processed by the immigration service as soon as possible. In order to reduce the chance of a visa being granted too late, will only accept your application if you check the option ‘urgent delivery’ in the application form.

    For urgent applications, a surcharge of € 17,50 per person is charged. The difference between “normal” applications and urgent applications is that processes urgent applications much faster; always within 24 hours, and often even within an hour, including outside office hours. A visa specialist will then carry out a check on the application form and the documents supplied by you (passport scans and passport photos). If it is suspected that data or documents have not been supplied correctly, these will be corrected immediately, or you will be contacted. In this way, the application can quickly be processed in good order by the immigration service in Oman. On the basis of the information and documents provided, they will check whether you pose a risk to the safety of Oman and its residents. If the immigration service decides that you are welcome, the visa will be granted. You will receive an e-mail and text message to confirm this, after which you can download the visa. Print it out and take it with you on your journey.

    The immigration service handles all applications individually. This means they do not check per group, but per person. Even if you have filled in several travellers in one application form. Sometimes, there is a considerable difference between the moment of granting for the different visas in one group application. For example, this may be because the application of one or a few persons is subjected to a manual random background check. If an application for a traveller takes more time than that of other travellers in the same group, this does not mean that the visa application for this traveller is more likely to be rejected.

  • What requirements does my passport have to meet?

    Each traveller must possess their own passport, including children. The passport must be valid for at least six more months upon arrival. Take note: the visa is only valid if you are travelling with the passport which was also used to fill in the application form.

    Is your passport no longer valid for at least six more months on the day you arrive in Oman? Then you first need to apply for a new passport, and fill in the Oman visa application form with the passport details of that new passport. If you have already applied for a visa with your old passport, then that visa is no longer valid and a completely new visa must be applied for.

    Do you not have a normal passport but only an identity card, driving licence, residence permit or emergency passport? Then you cannot apply for a visa for Oman via this website. First apply for a regular passport, or contact the embassy of Oman in London (UK) or Ireland (IE).

    Take note: have you been in Israel and can the Omani immigration service tell by the stamps in your passport? If so, you may be denied entry to Oman. To avoid problems, it is recommended you apply for a new or second passport without stamps from Israel, then apply for the visa and travel to Oman. It should be noted that most travellers will not receive a stamp in their passport upon arrival in Israel.

  • How can I provide my passport scan and passport photo?

    The passport scan: this can be a scan or photo of the passport (colour or black and white; both are allowed). The information page of the passport must be in full view and all text must be clearly legible. The information page is the page containing the travellerʼs name and passport photo. All common file formats and file sizes are accepted.

    The passport photo: this may be an official passport photo, but a selfie will do as well. What is important is that it is a digital, clear, sharp photo in colour. Also, the face must be completely and neutrally in frame. The background must have an even, light colour. Like with the passport scan, it does not matter what file format you submit and what the dimensions and proportions of the passport photo are.

    The above files can easily be provided via this website. After payment has been made, you will be redirected to your personal upload page. There, you will once again be informed on which documents are necessary and what requirements they have to meet. If you are unable to upload the required documents, please contact the Visa Support Centre. Your visa application can only be processed once all the necessary documents have been received in good order.

  • Can I apply for a visa for others?

    Yes, this is possible. You do need to have permission from the travellers in question. You must also read out the completed application form to the traveller and verify that the information provided is correct. Are you submitting a group application? If so, you must do this for all travellers for whom you wish to apply for a visa. You can submit a group application simply by adding a traveller at the bottom of the normal application form.

  • What does the visa for Oman cost and how can I pay?

    The cost of the Oman visa is € 49,95 for the single-entry visa for a stay of 10 days, € 89,95 for the single-entry visa for a stay of 30 days and € 159,95 for the multiple-entry visa with a validity of one year. These are total costs, including consular fees, service fees and taxes. A surcharge of € 17,50 will only be charged if you opt for an urgent application.

    You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

    After all the visas in your application have been granted, you can download the invoice belonging to your application. This can be found on your personal status page, where you can also view and download the visas.

  • Is there an o or an 0 in my passport number?

    Your passport number can contain numbers and letters. It can sometimes be unclear whether it contains the letter ‘oʼ or the number ‘0ʼ.

    The letter ‘oʼ never appears in British passport numbers. It is always the number ‘0ʼ. The passport number is not case-sensitive, so it does not matter whether you enter lowercase or uppercase letters.

    If you submit your application via and fill in a letter ‘oʼ in the passport number field, the form will automatically convert this for you to the number ‘0ʼ. This way you can be sure that you will not encounter any problems as a result of mixing up the number ‘0ʼ and the letter‘‘oʼ.

    Have you submitted your application on another website? Then it is possible that you accidentally filled in the letter ‘Oʼ. In that case, your travel authorisation is invalid. The passport number cannot be changed. You will then have to submit a completely new application in order to obtain a valid visa.

  • How will I receive the Oman visa and do I need to print it?

    As soon as your application has been approved, you will be notified by text message and e-mail. The e-mail contains a link to open the status page of your application. There you can view, download and print all the visas from your application. Printing out the visa is necessary because you need to be able to present it during your trip to Oman. Printing is also allowed in black and white.

After submitting the application

  • I have not received visa or e-mail, what now?

    Right after you have completed the payment of your visa application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail contains a link to your personal status page. There, you can check the status of your application.

    Has your visa not been granted within the expected time frame? The status page will tell you if it would be wise for you to contact us. This website mentions average delivery times, never maximum delivery times. No guarantee can ever be given that an application will be approved within a certain time. For instance, the immigration service can perform a background check which can delay the application. An application which takes longer to process does not have a higher chance of rejection.

    Sometimes, there is a lot of time between the first and last approval in a group application. This is normal and happens because applications are always assessed per person.

    Did you not receive an e-mail yet? Check your e-mail programʼs junk mail folder or spam box. Unable to find an e-mail with the subject "Visa application Oman received"? Then you can look up the status of your application via the website.

  • Can I change my travel plans, arrival location or accommodation address?

    After applying for the Oman visa, the arrival date may be changed to an earlier date or postponed by 10 days. Sometimes a little more; the exact first and last possibility of arrival are mentioned on the visa after it has been granted. The maximum length of stay in Oman remains the same, even if you arrive 10 days earlier or later than indicated on the application form.

    You may change your accommodation (hotel, hostel, resort, other) until you leave for Oman, however, you must have at least one place to stay and be able to prove this upon arrival in Oman. You must also be able to present a ticket for your return flight, onward flight or another ticket upon arrival which will allow you to prove that you have will have left the country again before the maximum length of stay in Oman has been exceeded.

  • I filled in the application form wrongly, what now?

    Did you fill in your passport details incorrectly? This refers to: your first name(s), surname, date of birth, passport issuing and expiry date, passport number, nationality, place of birth and/or gender. Then the visa is invalid. In that case, you will have to apply for a completely new visa and also pay for it again.

    Did you fill in the arrival date in Oman incorrectly? If the arrival date is less than 10 days different from the date entered in the application form, your visa is still valid. The exact dates within which you are allowed to arrive in Oman are stated on the visa.

    Did you incorrectly fill in a question about your parents, your travel history or background? Then it cannot be guaranteed that your visa application will be approved. And even if the visa is granted, it is not certain that the visa will be valid. To be safe, it is advisable to submit a new visa application with the correct details.

  • My name was spelled incorrectly on the visa, what now?

    Do you have a special punctuation mark in your name, such as an ü, ä, ö, ç, é, è, ê, ñ or ß? Then this is probably due to an automatic correction. Special characters in the name, such as umlauts and trema, are not accepted by the immigration service system. The name is therefore converted as it appears in the machine-readable part of the passport. These are the lines that contain the "<<<" characters, at the very bottom of the information page in your passport. The top of these two lines contains your name (directly after the country code). Is your name spelled here as it is on your visa? Then everything is in order and you can travel without any problems.

    Does the spelling error have nothing to do with a punctuation mark? Then you probably spelled your name incorrectly yourself and the visa is invalid. The only way to correct this is to apply for a completely new visa.

  • Can I use the visa from my previous trip again?

    This is only possible if you still have a valid multiple entry visa. This visa must state that it is suitable for multiple trips to Oman. The visa also mentions until which date you may continue to travel to and stay in Oman.

    Take note: a multiple entry visa is only valid in combination with the passport with which it is applied for. Have you taken a new passport into use in the meantime? Then the visa from your previous trip is no longer valid.

    If your multiple entry visa is still valid, you do not need to provide a date of arrival or (changed) accommodation location to be able to travel to Oman again.

  • Can I have the validity term of the visa extended?

    The maximum length of stay in Oman can be doubled under certain circumstances. Check the requirements, costs and procedure with the local police in Oman. If you already know before departure that you wish to stay longer than is allowed by your visa, it is recommended that you apply for a visa type with a longer period of validity.

  • What if my application is rejected?

    In the extremely rare case that an application is rejected, you will receive a full refund of the purchase cost of the Oman visa. This does not apply to travellers for whom a visa application for Oman has previously been rejected.

    If an application is rejected due to an incorrectly filled in application form, you may try to apply for a visa again at your own risk. You will have to pay the costs again and will not receive a refund if your application is rejected again.

    If an application is rejected for another reason, or if the reason is not known, it is recommended not to apply for an e-visa again. You can then contact an Oman consulate or embassy to apply for a different type of visa. cannot be held responsible for any damages that may arise as a result of a visa application being granted or rejected too late. You can read more about this in the general terms and conditions.

  • Can I cancel my visa application?

    You can cancel your application until it has been processed by the immigration service. This usually happens fairly soon after your payment and documents have been received. After this, it is no longer possible to cancel your application, regardless of the reason for cancellation. Most travellers want to receive their visa as soon as possible. That is why we do not wait until a certain time or revocation period has elapsed. This is also stated in the general terms and conditions, to which you have agreed by placing a check mark before paying for your application.

Other frequently asked questions

  • I am travelling with children, what do I need to keep track of?

    Children travelling to Oman must always possess their own passport and Oman visa. All information in the frequently asked questions on this page applies to travellers from all ages. This therefore includes babies and children under 18.

    Is a child travelling without both parents? If so, you need to be able to provide an English permission slip. This must be signed by both parents, or by the person or persons with parental authority. Sometimes, it might also be required to carry a copy of the passport or identity card of a person with parental authority, or an international birth certificate. All the necessary information about taking a child abroad can be found here

  • Do I need vaccinations for my trip?

    For up-to-date health information regarding vaccinations and innoculations, contact your personal physician.

  • I am travelling with medicines, do I need to arrange something?

    Certain medications may not be taken abroad, or only if you have a personal licence. You can read on the government website which medications you are not allowed to take with you without a personal licence and how to obtain one.

  • Is an issued visa a guarantee that I can enter Oman?

    A granted visa is the first step to be admitted to Oman. If you do not have a valid visa, you will not be allowed to enter Oman to begin with. However, even i you do have a visa, there is no guarantee that you will be able to enter Oman. Upon arrival in Oman you must report to the passport control. If the immigration officer on duty there suspects that you do not have good intentions, and that you may pose a danger to Oman or its inhabitants, the immigration service has the right to keep you out even after your arrival in Oman. The same can happen if, upon arrival, it appears that you do not meet the conditions of the Oman visa.

  • I cannot check in due to a problem with my visa, what now?

    Has your visa application been approved and is it still not possible to check in on your flight? If so, your passport details or those of your fellow travellers have been entered incorrectly in the visa application form, or in the check-in form on your airlineʼs website.

    This mainly concerns the date of birth, start date, expiry date, full name and passport number. For instance, British passport numbers never contain the letter "o". Instead, enter the number "0" at check-in.

    If the passport details are correct on the visa, please contact your airline directly to have the correct passport details also linked to the flight ticket.

    If the passport details are not correct on the visa, you will need to submit a completely new application for the person(s) for whom this is the case. It is not possible to make any further changes to an issued travel authorisation.

    Are you sure that no mistakes were made when filling in your passport details in the visa application form or on your airlineʼs website? Please bear in mind that this may also have something to do with a fellow traveller in your group who is trying to check in at the same time. If an error has been made with one traveller within the group, there may be problems with the check-in of other travellers in the group.

  • Is my personal information handled with care?

    A great deal of personal data is processed on this website. It concerns very sensitive and special personal data, such as passport numbers, citizen service numbers and passport photographs. You expect that these data are handled with care. guarantees that your data is protected in accordance with the applicable privacy regulations (GDPR). For this purpose, both technical and organisational precautions have been taken. Your data will only be processed via secure connections and stored in encrypted form. Your data will also be deleted immediately if it is no longer needed. designed and tested its privacy policy together with Taylor Wessing, an internationally renowned law firm.

    Your personal data will only be processed for the execution of your order for an application service. Your data will not be sold or used for other commercial purposes. Nevertheless, the processing of personal data always involves risks, even if all precautions are followed. In order to obtain a travel authorisation, your personal data must sometimes be shared with various government agencies. They assess whether you potentially pose a security risk and whether your application will be approved. cannot influence these government agencies and what they do with your personal data. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

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