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Turkey is once again a popular destination among tourists. The country managed to book 4,3 billion dollars in tourism in the first quarter of 2019, according to figures published by Turkey on 30 april.

Tourism in Turkey increased considerably between January and March of this year. In the first quarter there was a growth of 4.6 percent compared to a year ago, the Turkish Institute for Statistics says.

Most money comes from foreign tourists

Foreign tourists especially have been good to Turkey. The vast majority of income from tourism in Turkey comes from foreign tourists. 80,3 percent of tourism income came from foreign tourists.

19,7% of income from tourism came from Turkish travellers returning from abroad, for instance after visiting family or friends. The official numbers show that individual tourism brought in 4,1 billion dollars. Furthermore, 543 million dollar was earned by trips offered by travel bureaus. For trips to Turkey a Turkey visa is required.

6,6 million visitors

The numbers show that Turkey is once again a hugely popular destination for tourists. The country welcomes 8,5 percent more tourists in the first three months of this year. 82,2 percent of tourists came from abroad. 17,8 percent of tourists consisted of Turkish travellers coming from abroad.

These days Turkey is relatively calm. This means that it is less dangerous to travel to the country now, although there are some safety risks. It is recommended not to drive on the road in south-east Turkey after sunset. Furthermore, people should be careful with traffic in general throughout the country. It is also strongly discourages to travel to border areas with Iraq and Syria. Despite a heightened risk of terrorist attacks in Turkey, many tourists continue to consider the country as a popular destination.

Turkey visa

To travel to Turkey, a Turkey visa is required. This Turkey visa is necessary for travellers headed for Turkey in 2019 or 2020 on a holiday or business trip. Applying for a Turkey visa only takes a few minutes and the costs of the e-visa Turkey are € 54,95 . Turkey has a visa requirement. This means that travellers headed to Turkey need to apply for a Turkey visa in advance.

Underage children also need to possess their own Turkish visa. Including a child in the visa of their parent is not possible.

Those who do not possess a valid visa are stopped by the Turkish immigration service at the passport check after arrival. You will likely be denied entry.

Turkey visa requirements

There are a number of requirements that travellers have to meet to qualify for the e-visa Turkey. For instance, the trip can only have a tourist or business purpose. Furthermore, working in Turkey is only permitted under certain circumstances.

A valid passport is required to apply for a Turkey visa. An ID card is permitted for certain countries.Those who are travelling with a passport need to have it still be valid for at least six more months. It is not permitted to enter into service with a Turkish employer. Studying at a Turkish educational institution is also not permitted.

Truck drivers, documentary makers or archaeologists need to apply for a sticker-visa at the Turkish embassy. A Turkey visa is valid for 180 days. Staying in the country is allowed for a maximum of 90 days with the e-visa Turkey.

Turkey visa application

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It is important to print the e-visa and bring it along to Turkey. In absence of a printer, the visa can also be presented digitally on a phone or tablet.

Urgent application Turkey visa

We recommend applying for the e-visa Turkey several weeks in advance. That way, the visa is guaranteed to be granted on time, oftentimes within three days. Those leaving for Turkey today or tomorrow can submit an urgent application right away. Generally, urgent applications are approved within 14 minutes.

Once again: the visa needs to be printed or presented digitally. To submit an urgent application for the Turkey visa, the regular application can be used and the option ‘urgent’ can be checked.

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