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Summer is fast approaching, and this means that holiday plans are already being set-up. As everyone knows, the best trips are the ones that are prepared for well in advance.

Being an extremely popular holiday destination for British travellers, flights to Turkey will once again find themselves filled with eager travellers looking to enjoy the nice weather at the Turkish resorts. Fun times wait ahead, but it’s important to make proper preparations beforehand. This doesn’t just include which type of sunscreen to bring, but also arranging a visa.

Turkey popular once more

Several years back, a coup took place in Turkey. This led to a sudden drop in tourism. Today, with the peace having returned (read the latest travel advice), Turkey and its resorts, major cities and historic landmarks are once again massively popular with British travellers. It’s therefore no surprise that many tourists are already planning their trip to Turkey for the summer. Some of the most popular types of holidays are those with all-inclusive packages, meaning hotel reservations and the like are included. Most bookings already take place early in the year, around January and February

Due to uncertainties surrounding Brexit, non-European holiday destinations have become increasingly popular with British travellers, with Turkey being a primary one.

Holiday in TurkeyAn idea for an active Turkish holiday, seeing Turkey from a hot air balloon

Preparing for the holiday

Preparing for the holiday is for many travellers a fun thing to do. To get into the holiday spirit, shopping is done for summer clothes, bathing suits, or hitting the gym early to get that nice beach body just in time for the trip to Turkey.

One thing many travellers forget until it’s almost too late is getting their papers in order. This includes picking out a flight and a hotel, but also includes other things tourists need to pay attention to. One of these things is applying for an e-visa Turkey. This visa grants British travellers permission to enter the country.

Preparation: Don’t forget the e-visa Turkey

It’s important to apply for the e-visa Turkey a few weeks in advance. Such a visa is mandatory for British travellers. Without a visa, it is not permitted to enter the country. Even if you are merely passing through to another country, but are making a short stop in Turkey, you need permission to enter Turkish soil.

Applying for an e-visa Turkey is not complicated and can be arranged in less than five minutes. It is furthermore possible to apply for an e-visa Turkey for several people at once, saving you valuable time.

That British travellers need a visa to travel to Turkey is nothing new. This has been the case for many years now. These days, however, it’s no longer possible to visit the embassy for this or to buy a visa on arrival at the airport. The Turkish government replaced the paper visa with the electronic e-visa Turkey. This needs to be applied for before departure.

Applying for the e-visa Turkey is done in several steps. Make sure that the information in the passport is correctly written down in the form. Making any mistake, no matter how small, can lead to an invalid e-visa. Check beforehand whether all the passports have sufficient validity remaining. In most cases, a validity period of at least 150 days is enough. Applying for an e-visa Turkey is very cheap; the costs are € 54,95 per person. The visa is valid for 180 days, but you can only stay in Turkey for 90 days at a time.

Forgot e-visa Turkey?

While it’s important to apply for the e-visa Turkey on time, it can happen that you forgot to apply for it. If you are leaving for Turkey today or tomorrow, you might be tempted to think it’s too late to apply and that you need to postpone your trip. However, you can also submit an urgent visa application. The average waiting time for a visa with urgent applications is 14 minutes. You will quickly receive a confirmation e-mail containing the e-visa. Print the e-visa Turkey and take it with you to Turkey. If you do not have a printer, it also suffices to present the Turkish e-visa on a phone or tablet.

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