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Each year, Turkey proves to be an extremely popular holiday destination for tourists. If you are travelling to Turkey, you will likely need a visa. This is because Turkey is not part of the Schengen agreement, and the rules of visa-free travel therefore do not apply to trips to Turkey.

Before, it was possible to get a visa at the airport. This is no longer possible, and travellers need to have their papers in order before departure. Applying for a visa at the desk at the Turkish airport is no longer possible. With the e-visa it is possible to apply for a visa from behind your computer. This entire process is digital and has been possible starting 2013.

No paper visa anymore

Before, it was possible to pick up a paper visa on arrival at the Turkish airport. Today, this is no longer possible. Starting 2013, it is possible to apply for a digital visa, also known as an e-visa Turkey. This means that the traveller can easily do this from behind their computer or on their mobile phone.

It is therefore no longer necessary to get a visa on arrival in Turkey. With an e-visa, anyone can easily travel to Turkey. That’s because the visa can be applied for online, a few weeks before the holiday begins. The Turkish government will then process the application.

Generally, the application is approved quickly. The traveller will then receive the digital visa by e-mail. This can be printed if desired. An e-visa is cheaper than the old paper visa. Furthermore, this saves long queues at the airport. Travellers that apply for an e-visa Turkey can walk straight on when arriving at the airport.

Apply for an e-visa Turkey through

Travellers going on a holiday need to possess an e-visa Turkey. The visa requirements applies to everyone, including children. This means that children need to possess their own e-visa Turkey. It is therefore not possible to include a child in their parent’s visa.

A Turkey visa application can be easily submitted through the website of Applying takes a few minutes and costs € 49,95 per person. It doesn’t matter when the e-visa Turkey is applied for. We recommend to submit the visa application at least a week in advance.

Turkey visa requirements

There are a number of requirements to apply for the Turkey e-visa. For instance, the trip needs to be for business or tourist purposes (visiting family or friends if also permitted). Furthermore, the applicant needs to possess a valid passport (or, for certain countries, an ID card). This document needs to be valid for at least six more months after arrival in Turkey.

During the stay in Turkey it is not permitted to work for a Turkish employer and studying at a Turkish educational institution is likewise not allowed. A Turkey visa is not required when arriving by cruise ship. In that case, the visa is only needed if staying ashore for longer than 72 hours.

A Turkey visa is not required when on transit. It is important to know that the traveller cannot leave the airport in between. Truck drivers, documentary makers or archaeologists are excluded from the e-visa and need to submit an application at the Turkish embassy.

The Turkey visa is valid for 180 days. This date starts on the same date as the one filled in as the arrival date in the application form. The maximum duration of stay in Turkey is 90 days. It doesn’t matter if this is consecutive, or is the stay is split up over multiple days. It is possible to extend the Turkey visa after that.

Turkey visa application

Travellers headed for Turkey need to possess their own Turkey visa. This also applies to children. Make sure that the paperwork is in order. Is one traveller travelling with the child and the other parent staying at home? Make sure you have written permission to travel with the child. Otherwise you might be stopped at the airport.

Applying for a Turkey visa takes a maximum of five minutes. The costs are € 49,95 per person. These can be easily paid through various payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. Keep the passport information at hand, as these need to be written down in the visa application. The Turkey visa is generally sent by e-mail within a few hours. This can also take a few days, if the Turkish government needs more time.

Apply for an urgent Turkey visa

In urgent need of a visa? It is recommended to submit an urgent application if you are travelling today or tomorrow. These are generally granted within 14 minutes. The e-visa is sent by e-mail and needs to be printed. In the absence of a printer, it is also possible to present the Turkey visa on a phone or tablet.

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