Myanmar is struggling with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and the political instability caused by the coup on 1 February 2021. Travelling to Myanmar is again allowed and tourist visas are again being issued. However, tourist trips to Myanmar are strongly discouraged due to the civil unrest in the country. In this article, you can read about the current situation in the country regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the consequences for your travel plans. This article was last updated on 17-05-2023.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) in Myanmar

In the beginning of 2021, Myanmar was still reporting few cases of infection. This was partly because there was little testing being done for the coronavirus after the coup on 1 February. However, more tests were administered during the summer months and infection rates rose sharply. In July, for example, more than 140,000 people were infected with the coronavirus. Since this peak, the numbers have been gradually decreasing. In the first two weeks of January 2022, only 2,500 infections were reported. The omicron variant is also on the rise in Myanmar. On 13 January, the government reported that a total of 63 people had been diagnosed with this variant. Myanmarʼs vaccination programme has been up and running since the summer of 2021. 36 million vaccination shots have been administered in the country of 55 million people.

Myanmar has taken several measures to combat the coronavirus. For example, since May 2020, wearing a face mask in public places is compulsory. Many restaurants are still closed, and some shopping centres require visitors to register in advance. For travel within the country, local rules often apply. For example, it may be compulsory to undergo a test before travelling to a certain area or to be quarantined on arrival.

The number of coronavirus infections in Myanmar has been declining since the summer of 2021.Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Myanmar: the number of infections has been declining since the summer of 2021.

The political situation in Myanmar

Since the coup dʼétat of 1 February 2021, Myanmar has been under a state of emergency, which has had a major impact on public life. Banking services, public transport and medical services have been affected. Furthermore, telephone and internet traffic are regularly disrupted. A curfew is in effect in parts of the country, between 20:00/22:00 and 04:00.

Violent conflicts continue to take place in Myanmar, with firearms and explosives being used regularly. Therefore, most European governments advise against travel to Myanmar. European citizens who are currently in Myanmar are advised to leave the country soon. The British Foreign Office advises against all but the most essential travel to Myanmar.

Can I currently travel to Myanmar?

As a result of the positive developments regarding the infection and vaccination rates in Myanmar, the government has decided to reopen the borders for international travellers. People that want to travel to Myanmar from foreign countries are required to arrive at Yangon International Airport (RGN). However, the number of commercial flights to Myanmar are limited.

How can I apply for the Myanmar visa?

Since May 2022, the tourist visa for Myanmar is again available. However, due to the uncertainties regarding the safety situation in the country, tourist trips to Myanmar are not recommended, and it is therefore not yet possible to apply for the Myanmar visa on this website. Do you wish to travel to Myanmar despite the current situation? Then you can contact the Myanmar embassy about the Myanmar visa.

Coronavirus rules for the trip to Myanmar

International travellers to Myanmar must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or be tested for COVID-19 by taking a PCR test before departure. The test must be taken no more than 48 hours before arrival in Myanmar. Children under 12 do not need to be vaccinated or tested.

All travellers to Myanmar are required to take out special COVID-19 insurance and to complete a health certificate upon arrival in Myanmar. In addition, travellers with symptoms are required to undergo an antigen test for COVID-19 upon arrival. If the result is negative, you may leave the airport and travel freely through Myanmar.

What if I am already in Myanmar?

Due to the coup last year, the British authorities urgently advise British citizens to return to the UK if possible. There are still regular commercial flights leaving the country, usually from a regional airline to, for example, Singapore. In many cases, these flights cannot be found online, but have to be booked through the airline or a travel agency. Make sure you have printed out all the documents needed for the flight in advance, as Wi-Fi at Rangoon airport is poor. If you are unable or unwilling to leave the country, it is advised that you keep a close eye on and follow the local rules surrounding COVID-19. Myanmar sometimes hands out heavy penalties if the coronavirus rules are not followed.

The UK and Ireland abolished all COVID-19 rules for travellers returning from abroad. This means that no pre-departure test is required and no passenger locator form needs to be filled in. Post-arrival quarantine is also no longer required. However, countries may have their own rules for leaving, which you must still follow in order to return home.

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