The validity term of the Myanmar visa consists of two parts. First of all, tourists can stay in the country a maximum of 28 days. Secondly, the visa itself is valid for 90 days, during which the traveller can arrive in Myanmar.

The moment of applying

How far in advance should I apply?
Submitting a Myanmar visa application can be done as early as desired. This can already be done months before departure. In the application form, you are asked for the expected date of arrival. The immigration service automatically processes the application exactly 30 days before that expected date of arrival. An application that is submitted earlier will therefore be put on hold until 30 days before departure. From the moment that the application is processed, it takes several days before the Myanmar visa is granted. Once the visa is approved, you are permitted to travel to Myanmar.

The moment of arrival in Myanmar

As soon as the visa is granted, the traveller can arrive in Myanmar, even if a different date is filled in on the application form. However, the date of arrival cannot be more than 90 days after the date of approval. Granting takes place 30 days before departure at the latest, meaning it is always possible to arrive in Myanmar on the arrival date filled in on the application form.

Take note: there are visa bureaus that directly process each application for the Myanmar visa. In that case, it can occur that the validity term has already expired on the desired date of arrival. If the application is submitted through the online application procedure on this website, this cannot happen, and the validity term will never commence more than 30 days before the filled-in expected date of arrival.

Bagan in MyanmarMyanmar is known for its many temples covered with gold leaf.

The moment of departure from Myanmar

The maximum length of stay with an online electronic visa for Myanmar is always 28 days. It does not matter if the actual date of arrival in Myanmar falls on the beginning or at the end of the validity term of 90 days. If the trip is postponed and the actual date of arrival falls on the 90th day that the visa is valid, the traveller can therefore still stay in Myanmar for 28 days.

Change travel plans within the validity term of the visa

It is possible to change the date of arrival in and departure from Myanmar without prior notice. However, a traveller may only arrive after the visa application has been approved. The date of departure also cannot be more than 28 days after the actual date of arrival. Furthermore, any changes made to the trip must meet all of the visa requirements.

It is therefore always possible to postpone the definitive date of arrival until a maximum of 60 days after the expected date of arrival filled in the actual form. If the application is submitted more than 30 days before departure, arrival can also take place several weeks prior to the filled-in date in the application form for the Myanmar visa.

Maximum of one arrival in Myanmar

The visa can only be used to enter Myanmar a single time; it is therefore not permitted to travel to Myanmar more than once with the same visa, not even if the second trip and stay meet the validity period indicated on the visa.