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Surrounded by water, New Zealand is the perfect country for a cruise holiday. Many cruise holidays involve visiting different areas and countries, so travellers may need to obtain a visa for several countries. A visa is also required in New Zealand for tourists on a cruise holiday.

Two islands full of wonder

There are countless cruise holidays that make a number of stops around New Zealand. If you mainly want to visit New Zealand, you should pay close attention to the stops of the cruise. Many cruises sail over large areas and visit fewer places per country.

New Zealand has a lot of beautiful scenery throughout the country. It is divided into the North Island and the South Island, with some nice towns and villages to visit on both islands. Although the South Island is much larger, about 75% of the entire New Zealand population lives on the North Island. Here you will find the capital Wellington, a cultural city with many museums and festivals, but also Auckland, the largest city of the country. Auckland is also known as the City of Sails and the annual Regatta takes place here. From the 326-metre-high Skytower, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the North Island. Christchurch, on the South Island, has many city parks and is a starting point for enjoying the spectacular nature.

Waterfalls in New ZealandVisit these gorgeous waterfalls during your New Zealand cruise

Being prepared for a cruise

Good preparation is essential for any holiday or trip. With good preparation, the chance of unexpected setbacks is considerably reduced. One of the easiest, but also most important things to arrange is a New Zealand visa and possibly a visa for other countries included in the cruise.

Tourists going on a cruise holiday to New Zealand can meet their visa requirements with the NZeTA. This electronic travel authorisation can be applied for online within minutes. To apply for an NZeTA, you need a valid passport. When you arrive in New Zealand by plane or cruise ship, the validity of your passport will be checked. Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months after the day you leave New Zealand.

Even if you only visit New Zealand for one day on the cruise, you will still need a visa. Because the NZeTA is valid for 2 years, it never hurts to apply for it well in advance of your departure. Many cruises to New Zealand also make one or more stops in Australia. Similarly, tourists must apply online for the eVisitor visa to enter the country. The NZeTA and eVisitor visa are separate and must therefore be applied for separately.

Must-see cruise destinations in New Zealand

Every port in New Zealand is a gateway to sensational landmarks. The cities of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Oban, and Dunedin each have their own port, making them easily accessible. Near Auckland, you can also visit several islands with special native flora and fauna. Other ports on the itinerary for an extended cruise to New Zealand could be: Tauranga, Fiordland National Park, or Campbell Island. A cruise ship can also take you along Dusky Sound. Along this longest fjord in New Zealand, the ship cannot go ashore, but you can enjoy the breathtaking waterfalls from the boat.

Ready for your New Zealand cruise?

Do you want to make sure you get to see all the highlights of New Zealand on your cruise? Check all the cruise destinations before you book. Then make sure that you have all the necessary travel documents in order on time. Although the average delivery time of the NZeTA is only 5 days, it may take longer for your visa to be granted due to random checks. Before applying, please check the validity of your passport. If the passport used to apply for the NZeTA is not valid long enough, the visa will automatically expire as well. The passport must therefore not only be valid during your stay, but also for three months after you leave New Zealand. If the passport expires earlier, you will need a new passport with which to apply for a more recent New Zealand visa.

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