The cost of the visa for Egypt depends on the variant you apply for. The single entry visa suffices for most tourists, which costs € 49,95 per person. If you want to travel to Egypt multiple times on a single visa, you can apply for a multiple entry variant for € 84,90.

Cost of the electronic tourist visa for Egypt

Most tourists only need their visa once and will not stay in the country for longer than 30 days. In that case, the single entry tourist visa suffices. That is why this is the standard visa type, which is automatically selected in the online application form. Because the application happens entirely online, it is not necessary to visit the consulate. After approval, the visa is sent by e-mail. By printing it before you leave and presenting it on arrival at the passport check, you also avoid the lengthy queue at the airport. The cost of this electronic tourist visa for Egypt is € 49,95 per person.
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Cost of the multiple entry variant

The cost of the multiple entry Egypt visa is € 84,90 per traveller. The requirements of this visa are equal to the single-entry variant, but with one multiple-entry visa, more than one trip can be made to Egypt, and the validity period of the multiple-entry visa is 180 days instead of 90. The multiple entry variant can likewise be applied for entirely online. In the application form at "number of entries" select the option "multiple".
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Cost of other visa types for Egypt

Do you want to stay in Egypt for longer than 30 consecutive days? Then you cannot submit your application online. You will need a physical variant of the visa, which can be affixed to your passport in the form of a sticker. Contact the Egyptian embassy to make an appointment to apply for a physical visa.

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You can easily and safely pay for the Egypt visa through virtually all of the popular online payment methods. Quickly and reliably pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. No transaction costs are ever charged, regardless of the payment method you choose.

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Total prices, without additional costs

The prices as mentioned on this page are total prices. This means that all of the necessary costs for the Egypt visa are included. You therefore will not pay any additional consular costs, exchange rates surcharges, service costs or other costs if you submit your application through this website. The only additional charge that can apply on this site is the optional urgent delivery charge, which, upon being chosen, is an added fee of € 17,50 per person.