With the Egypt visa you can stay for a maximum of 30 days. This goes for all types of the electronic visa (e-visa) for Egypt, for which you can apply online. Furthermore, your entire stay in Egypt has to be within the validity period of your visa.

Validity period of the single-entry visa

Are you travelling to Egypt one time? Then you can use the single-entry tourist visa. This visa type has a validity period of 90 days. Your stay in Egypt can only last 30 days and can fall entirely within the visa’s 90 days validity period. This validity period is also shown on your Egypt visa.

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Validity term Egypt visa

When does the validity period start?
The validity period begins right after your application has been approved. In the application form you have to fill in the expected date of arrival. Your application will never be processed more than 30 days before this expected date of arrival. You can always apply for your visa, but it will then be put on hold until exactly 30 days before your arrival. Because the visa is valid for 90 days, it will then be valid for at least 60 more days after the filled in arrival date.

Validity period of the multiple-entry visa

Do you wish to travel to Egypt more than once? Or do you wish to leave Egypt momentarily during your holidays, for example, to go on a cruise? You must then apply for the multiple-entry visa. This tourist visa is suitable for entering Egypt an infinite number of times while it is valid. Each stay can last up to 30 consecutive days. The entire stay has to fall within the validity period of 180 days. This validity period starts from the moment that your visa application is approved.

You can apply for the multiple-entry visa the same way as for the single-entry visa. It can easily be done through the English online-application form. In the form, please select "Multiple entries" under the option "Number of entries". You will then automatically receive the correct version.

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Egypt visa well before departure

You can apply for your multiple-entry visa long before departure
You can apply for your Egypt visa as long before your departure as you like. In the visa application form, enter when you expect to arrive in Egypt next. Your application is put on hold until exactly 30 days before this date. If this date is within 30 days, your application will be processed immediately.

Multiple-entry Egypt visa cheaper

Multiple-entry visa cheaper than two separate visas
The multiple-entry visa is more expensive than the single-entry variant, but not twice as expensive. If you expect to go on holiday to Egypt twice in a period of 180 days, it is cheaper to apply for a multiple-entry visa than to apply for two separate visas. Read more about the costs for the Egypt visa.

Reporting changes in your travel planning

Would you like to arrive in Egypt on a different day than the one indicated in the application form? If your preferred arrival date falls within the validity period of the visa, you do not need to inform us. Please note that you also have to leave Egypt before your visa expires. Is this not the case? Then you must submit a completely new application. It is not possible to change the period of validity stated on your visa. Changes can be made to the information you entered in the application form until your application has been processed by the Egyptian Immigration Service.

Other situations where your Egypt visa expires

An Egypt visa is only valid with the passport with which it was applied for. Do you want to travel to Egypt using a different passport? Then you must apply for a new Egypt visa using that other passport. It is not possible to change the passport details on your visa after your application has been processed.

It may also be invalidated if you break Egyptian law. The Egyptian Immigration Service also reserves the right to turn away travellers who are suspected of posing an increased security risk. If during the processing of your application the Immigration Department finds that you pose an increased security threat, your application may be rejected. Often without a specific indication of the underlying reason. In this case, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price of your visa. If you want to travel to Egypt after all, it is wise to choose for a physical visa after rejection of an e-visa to Egypt. The application procedure is more complicated and takes longer. For this, you must report to an Egyptian consulate or embassy, where you can personally explain why you believe you are not a security risk. If you can convince the consular officer of this, you will still receive a valid visa for your holiday to Egypt.

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