The new Egypt e-visa is the easiest way to meet the Egypt visa requirement. This travel document can be easily acquired online.

What is the Egypt e-visa?

The Egypt e-visa is the successor to the physical visa which can be bought at the immigration service. It is a digital travel authorisation which can only be acquired online. Because the application procedure of this new version is a lot easier, most travellers to Egypt choose the electronic variant.

Application procedure

The application procedure works in four simple steps:

  • Fill in the online form
  • Pay safely, digitally*
  • Upload passport scan
  • Receive visa by e-mail

* The cost can be quickly and easily paid for with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. No transaction costs are charged for payments through our website.

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Who is the Egypt e-visa meant for?

The e-visa is meant for tourists of all ages travelling for a holiday up to 30 days.

Only for holidays

The Egypt e-visa is a so-called tourist visa. Therefore, it can only be used for holidays. Business travellers cannot submit their application online; they need to make an appointment with the consulate to travel to Egypt. Visiting a friend or family member that lives in Egypt is considered a tourist visit; therefore, it is possible to use the Egypt e-visa, which can be acquired online.

A holiday to Egypt, an experience for life!A holiday to Egypt: the experience of a lifetime!

Take note: the Egypt e-visa is only valid for a maximum of 30 consecutive days. If the multiple entry variant is chosen, an unlimited number of trips to Egypt can be made during the 90-day validity period. Read more about this on the page about the validity of this travel document.

Valid for all ages

It does not matter what age the traveller is; each traveller needs to possess their own Egypt e-visa and their own passport. For UK passports, children are no longer allowed to be included in their parentʼs passports. In other countries, passports are still issued in which children can be included; however, when travelling to Egypt, these types of passports are not sufficient. Each traveller needs to possess their own passport, which is valid for at least eight more months after the date of arrival. The Egypt e-visa is digitally linked to the passport. If after approval, a new passport is taken into use, the validity of the e-visa expires.

What else do I need to keep in mind?

The Egypt e-visa is always granted within two weeks. Travellers that are flying to Egypt within two weeks should make use of the urgent procedure; approval will then take an average of two to five work days. However, a guarantee cannot be given regarding delivery times. The immigration service maintains the right to perform randomised extended background checks on applications.

Aside from submitting the application on time, it is wise to closely read the visa requirements. By meeting all of the requirements, any possible setbacks can be avoided, and you will have a better idea of what to expect.

Also, make sure that you do not make any mistakes when filling in the digital application form for the e-visa. For instance, a wrong passport number will result in an invalid travel document, and unfortunately you will need to apply and pay for your visa again.

How can I apply for the Egypt e-visa?

The Egypt e-visa can be applied for with a digital form. It is then sent by e-mail within a few days. Start the Egypt visa application right away by pressing the button below.
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