The embassy of Egypt can help you with your visa application, but a visit to the embassy is not compulsory, because the e-visa can be applied for entirely online. Only for a stay lasting longer than 30 days, or if you have a non-tourist travel purpose, will you need to make an appointment at the embassy of Egypt.

Embassy of Egypt

The Egypt embassy in the United Kingdom
The Egypt embassy is located in London. The embassy handles all consular affairs. Egypt also has a number of other buildings in London, including a Consulate General. To acquire a travel permit, you need to make an appointment at the embassy in London.

What can the embassy help you with?

The Egypt embassy has three primary tasks: supporting its people in the UK, improving diplomatic and trade relations, and issuing visas for Egypt.

  • Supporting Egyptians in the UK
    Firstly, the embassy helps its own people; individuals with the Egyptian nationality that are currently living in the United Kingdom. For example, when their passport expires or with other problems. They also provide aid in case of emergency situations.
  • Improving relations with British organisations
    Secondly, the Egypt embassy has the task of strengthening ties between the United Kingdom and Egypt. This concerns both political ties as well as business relations. The embassy can help British and Egyptian companies get in touch and engage in a comfortable collaboration, which is beneficial to both countries.
  • Issuing the Egypt visa
    British citizens going to Egypt must possess a valid visa. The consular department of the Egyptian embassy is responsible for this. This does not always mean that you have to visit the embassy. In most cases, you can submit an application online. You will then receive your visa by email. You can easily check whether you can make use of the online application procedure by checking the page with the requirements for the visa.
    Apply for Egypt visa

Do you not meet the requirements for the visa and have to make an appointment at the embassy after all? Then you need to fill in a different form. You will be informed when you can come to the Egyptian embassy to pick up the passport stamp.

Contacting the Egypt embassy

Do you still have questions about the online variant of the visa after reading the information above? Go to the contact page of Do you a have a different question or do you not meet the requirements for the online visa, for example because you want to stay in Egypt for longer than 30 days or are not travelling as a tourist? Contact the embassy through the contact information below:

The Egypt embassy in London
Address26 South St, Mayfair, London
Phone020 7499 3304
Fax020 7491 1542

Address of the Egyptian embassyAddress of the Egyptian embassy in the United Kingdom: 26 South St, Mayfair, London