The Indian visa fees depend on the chosen variant. First check which type you wish to apply for. Do you meet the requirements of the e-visa India? Then you can apply for it online. In this case, the fees are € 39,95 per traveller.

Indian visa fees with applications submitted online

The Indian visa fees are € 39,95 per person. These are the total fees, including consular fees, service costs, VAT, and transaction costs, if the application is paid for through this website.

Pay for the costs safely, easily and without transaction costs with one of these payment methods:
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The electronic variant of the Indian visa is the cheapest option, as physical visas are always more expensive. The online visas are also approved faster. You also will not need to send your passport anywhere and pick it up again at a desk later. If you meet the requirements for the electronic variant, it is therefore advised to choose for this type and to submit the visa application online.

Indian visa no transaction fees during payment

Transaction fees
Take note: some travel bureaus charge additional transaction fees. No transaction fees are charged when you submit your application through and pay for the cost with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal .

Visum India geen koersopslag bij betaling

Exchange rate surcharges
If you make the payment by credit card, oftent the credit card company charges exchange rate surcharges when paying in foreign currencies. If you submit your application through this website, you can safely and reliably pay in pounds. That way, you never pay exchange rate surcharges with payments through this website. You likewise do not need to rely on the current exchange rate, meaning you will not face any unwelcome surprises.

Pay online: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal

We offer various ways to safely and easily pay for your visa. Transactions are generally processed immediately, meaning that no delays occur in the application of your Indian visa.

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The fees for the physical visas for India

If you do not meet the requirements to apply for an Indian visa online, you need to apply for a physical version. To do that, you need to hand over your passport at a counter and pick it up a few days later, or outsource this to a courier company. There are 14 different types of physical visas for India, each with their own requirements and fees.