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Recently, the Myanmar government announced that it has imposed stricter tourist visa requirements as of Aug. 1, 2022. This will affect travellers to Myanmar. Read here what the new Myanmar visa requirements are and how to apply for this visa.

Vaccination and COVID-19 test

Myanmar opened its borders back in April and welcomed international flights. The Myanmar governmentʼs goal is to revive the tourism sector. Even so, it is still fairly difficult to travel to Myanmar because entry requirements are still quite strict compared to other Asian countries. Under the new rules, travellers must prove that they are fully vaccinated. Thus, they must have had at least 2 vaccinations administered earlier than 14 days before departure.

They must also be able to show a PCR or antigen test result prior to departure that is not older than 48 hours. In addition, foreign travellers must have Covid-19 health insurance in Myanmar. Upon arrival, travellers must take a rapid test at their own expense and wait at the airport for the result. If the test result is positive, they must spend 7 days in quarantine in a government-designated facility. If the test is negative, there is no need for isolation. Some measures are still in place in the country to limit the spread of corona. For example, masks are still mandatory in public areas, both indoors and outdoors, and you must keep 2 meters away. Also, a curfew is still in effect between 20:00-04:00 or 22:00-04:00. Locally, enforcement of the rules may vary.

The journey to Myanmar

Myanmar currently welcomes international flights only at Yangon International Airport. Therefore, if your travel destination is not near Yangon, you will have to transfer to a domestic flight or continue travelling by car or public transportation. Also, it is not possible for foreign travellers to transfer to another international flight in Myanmar. Myanmar has introduced a visa waiver program to help the tourism industry, but for now this program is only available for some countries in Southeast Asia. European citizens must apply for a Myanmar visa to enter Myanmar. This can easily be done online.

Visa regulations

The Myanmar e-visa is valid for 90 days after approval. This means that one may travel to Myanmar within this period. The return trip does not have to be within the validity period The maximum length of stay for a Myanmar visa is 28 days, and the visa is only available in the single-entry variant. If you leave Myanmar within the validity period and wish to re-enter, you will need to reapply for the e-visa and pay the fee.

Golden Temple MyanmarApply for the Myanmar visa to explore the Golden Temple.

Current state of affairs

In addition to the strict entry requirements, the Junta, the army in power since February 2021, has extended the emergency law until the end of January 2023. This law gives the military a lot of power. General Min Aung Hlaing, who had declared himself prime minister last year, gives as the reason for the extension that the army needs more time to restore order in the country and reform the current electoral system. The Junta wants to combine the current majority system with proportional representation. But many Myanmar residents doubt that the Junta will actually hold fair elections or hand over state power to a fairly elected government.

The British government currently advises against all but essential travel for most of Myanmar, except for the Yangon region. This means that non-essential travel is strongly discouraged. If you do travel to Myanmar, avoid military objects, as they are often targets for rebel attacks. Therefore, make sure you are well-prepared for your trip by keeping up with travel advisories and current news. Also, donʼt forget to apply for your e-visa to Myanmar.

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