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The Sri Lanka visa

Traveling to Sri Lanka for a holiday or on business? Then you need a Sri Lanka visa. Applying for the visa can be done entirely online. This only takes about five minutes and costs €14,95 per person.

On 01-08-2019 the immigration service of Sri Lanka loosened the visa rules for European travelers. It is temporarily possible (until 31-01-2020) to acquire a visa free of charge on arrival. It is however expected that this will lead to long waiting lines at the visa desks at the airports in Sri Lanka, which can be avoided by applying for the visa beforehand online.

How does applying online work?

1. Apply for visa

Sri Lanka visa application

Apply for a Sri Lanka visa through the online application form. Filling it in only takes 5 minutes.

2. Pay online

Pay for the visa

After filling in the form, you pay safely and easily with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

3. Official visa

Urgent visa by e-mail

You receive your visa by e-mail. With urgent applications, generally within 23 minutes after completing the payment.

Explanation about the visam

Need a visa? All travelers going to Sri Lanka are required to possess a visa. Sri Lanka’s visas are divided into three categories; visas for business trips, visas for tourism, and visas for transits. Applying for the right visa is very easy. This is done by filling in the application form before departure, making the required payment, and finally waiting until the visa is automatically sent to you by e-mail. Are you in a rush because you are traveling to Sri Lanka soon? Choose for an urgent application, which are completed on average within 23 minutes.

What is meant with the “Sri Lanka Visa”, the “e-visa Sri Lanka” and the “ETA Sri Lanka?” Most travelers don’t stay in Sri Lanka for longer than 30 days. For these travelers, the possibility exists of applying for a digital variant of the visa. This variant is also known as the e-visa or ETA. The benefit of this digital version is that the traveler can apply for it easily online. If you wish to stay in Sri Lanka for less than 30 days, you won’t need to file a visa application at the consulate. You can submit the application entirely online. Apply for the Sri Lanka visa now.

Extend visa in Colombo

Do you want to stay in Sri Lanka for longer than 30 days? Then you can apply for the 30 day valid visa on this website. After arriving in Sri Lanka, you then go to the Immigration Services Centre (No. 330, Galle Road, Colombo 03 Sri Lanka, +94-727-591-591). There you can have it extended up to a maximum of 90 days.

Validity and requirements

To travel into Sri Lanka, each traveler needs to possess a valid visa (ETA). This ETA is valid for six months, allowing for a single entry into the country, with a maximum staying duration of 30 days. On the moment of application, no flight ticket needs to have been booked yet. However, a return-ticket is required to have been booked at the time of your trip to Sri Lanka. The traveler also has to be able to prove that they possess sufficient financial means to pay for the stay in Sri Lanka. Finally, the traveler is required to hold a passport that is still valid for six months at the time of arrival in Sri Lanka.

So for a trip to Sri lanka, each traveler is required to possess:

  1. A passport which is still valid for at least 6 more months at the time or arrival
  2. A flight ticket for a return flight or transit
  3. Sufficient financial means to pay for the stay

Do you want to work in Sri Lanka? Only if it concerns a business trip are you allowed to apply for a business visa on this website. If you want to enter into employment with an organisation located in Sri Lanka, or want to live or study there, you need to apply for a specific visa which you can only get at the consulate.

Apply for visa

You can submit your application for this visa 24 hours a day through this website. This can be done for yourself, but also for your entire travel company at once. This saves you a lot of time. You can also submit an application for someone else; you do require the passport information of this traveler to do that. In this form you indicate whether it concerns a business trip, a holiday, or a transit in Sri Lanka. A Sri Lanka visa costs €14,95 per person. For the business visa there is an additional fee of €10,00. Payment can be made in various ways, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal.

Urgent Sri Lanka visa

You can apply for the Sri Lanka visa online, but this can only be done if you are outside of Sri Lanka. You need to submit an application before your trip. Do this preferably several days before departure. If you expect to arrive within 72 hours, submit an urgent application; these are approved on average within 23 minutes. To do this, fill in the regular application form and check the “Urgent” box. The application will be processed immediately. Unfortunately it’s not possible to offer any guarantees on the delivery times for Sri Lanka visas, even when urgent.

Trip to Sri Lanka

After you have received the e-mail confirmation that your visa application has been granted, you can go on your trip to Sri Lanka. On the plane, you will be handed a so called Disembarkation Card. This is a small paper form on which you fill in some information, including your travel details and travel purpose. After arrival in Sri Lanka you will go through the passport check where you will show your passport, along with the filled in Disembarkation Card. Generally you won’t be asked for the visa, as the immigration service can tell by the passport number whether the visa is in order. Make sure to print the visa (ETA) and take it with you, so you can show it in exceptional cases.

Get to work on your visa application

Start the application for the Sri Lanka visa today by filling in the application form. Do you have questions about the procedure or the document itself? Read the frequently asked questions and answers. Should you be unable to find the answer to your question here, you can ask your question to our customer service. We wish you a successful journey and a comfortable stay in Sri Lanka.


Miniature video with explanation about the visa
PurposeTourism, business, transits
ValidityFrom arrival
Stay30 days (after extension 90 days)
Delivery timeOn average 72 hours (urgent: 23 minutes)
Cost€14,95 per visa
ApplyOnly online, apply now.

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