Sri Lanka has an embassy in London, the High Commission of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. In the past, Sri Lanka also had a consulate in Ireland, but this has since been closed. The embassy is responsible for consular affairs. Irish citizens are required to contact the embassy in London for consular affairs related to Sri Lanka. The embassy currently does process visa applications for foreign nationals. This is instead handled by the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka. However, British and Irish nationals generally do not need to contact the department for a Sri Lanka visa.

Tasks of the Sri Lanka embassy

The tasks of the Sri Lanka embassy include maintaining relations between Sri Lanka and the UK, promoting mutual trade and investment, representing the interests of Sri Lanka in the United Kingdom and cooperation with the European Union. Sri Lankans in the United Kingdom and Ireland can contact the embassy for consular affairs. For visa applications, the Department of Immigration and Emigration must be contacted.

Consular services for Sri Lankans
Sri Lankans in the United Kingdom and Ireland can go to the embassy for, among other things, applying for travel documents such as an (emergency) passport, registration of a birth, death or marriage outside Sri Lanka, certificates, sworn declarations and translations of documents.

Visa applications for British and Irish nationals
The embassy does not process visa applications for British or Irish nationals. This is handled by the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka. Here, visas can be applied for a stay in Sri Lanka longer than 90 days. People who travel to Sri Lanka to study, for academic research, volunteering or work for an NGO cannot travel with an ETA, but have to apply for a special visa at the immigration department. Diplomats travelling to Sri Lanka on official business also need to apply for their visa here. In addition, they also handle visa applications for journalists, photographers, film crews and other media workers.

Tourists and business travellers can generally apply for their Sri Lanka visa (ETA) online. Travellers who do not meet the requirements of the ETA must apply for a different visa type at the immigration department.

Trade relations with the United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is an important trading partner for Sri Lanka. The total trade in goods and services between the two countries was GBP 1.5 billion in 2019. The main goods exported from to the UK to Sri Lanka include cars, textile fabric and mechanical power generators. Important goods imported from Sri Lanka include clothing, scientific instruments and rubber. Trade between the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka has dropped in recent years, though both countries have stated their intent to strenghten economic ties in the near future.

Sri Lanka visa available through online application

Most Irish and British travellers are eligible for the e-visa Sri Lanka (ETA). The ETA Sri Lanka can easily be applied for online and will be sent to you by e-mail after it is approved. Contacting the immigration department is therefore not necessary in most cases. Tourists and business travellers generally meet all requirements of the Sri Lanka visa and can submit their application online.

Only people who do not meet the conditions of the electronic Sri Lanka visa have to contact the immigration department. This applies to, for example, journalists, diplomats, travellers who want to stay longer than 90 days in Sri Lanka, travellers who want to join an organization in Sri Lanka and travellers who go to Sri Lanka for a media production or are part of a film crew.

Contact the Sri Lanka embassy

The embassy in London can be reached by email, telephone and for a personal visit. It is located at 13 Hyde Park Gardens, and is open Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 5:30.

The Sri Lanka embassy in the UK
Address 13 Hyde Park Gardens, London W2 2LU
Telephone 02072621841
Fax 02072627970

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