The visa for Sri Lanka can be easily acquired through the online application procedure. This consists of three steps. Applying starts by filling in the digital application form. Next, the visa can be paid for online. Finally, the visa is granted, after which a confirmation is sent by e-mail and SMS.

Preparing for filling in the form

Preparing for filling in the form
Before you apply for your visa, it is smart to check a few things. First, make sure that you meet the requirements to qualify for the Sri Lanka visa. Although most travellers, both business and holiday, meet these requirements, it’s nice to be sure so you don’t face unwelcome surprises. Aside from meeting the requirements, it’s also important that your travel duration falls within the validity term of the visa. This is 30 days, but this term can be extended. Read more about this on the page on the validity term of the visa.

Submitting a group application

It is possible to use a single application form to apply for visas for all travellers journeying to Sri Lanka together. This saves a lot of time when applying for the visas. The contact information and travel details only need to be filled in once, and not for each traveller individually. A single combined payment is made. Of course, it’s also possible to submit individual applications for each traveller. If you want to make use of a group application for multiple travellers, you can use the same form. At the bottom of the form, you will find the button "add traveller", which will cause extra input fields to appear for each added traveller.

For a group application, you need the following information:

  1. Your contact information
  2. The travel details (travel purpose and arrival date)
  3. The passport information of each traveller

Filling in the form step by step

Step 1: Contact information of the applicant

The first part of the Sri Lanka visa application form consists of filling in the contact information. If a visa is applied for multiple people at once, the contact information only needs to be filled out once. If all travellers don’t live at the same address, that’s not a problem; fill in the address of the person filling in the form.

Fill in contact information for the Sri Lanka visaFill in contact information for the Sri Lanka visa

Step 2: Travel details

The second part of the form consists of questions about the trip itself. As a standard, three questions are asked, namely when you arrive, if you wish to have your application processed with urgency, and what the travel purpose is. If you indicate that you are travelling through Sri Lanka and will be leaving the country within 48 hours, you will be asked what your final destination is and if you will be staying one or two days in Sri Lanka.

Fill in travel information for the Sri Lanka visaFill in travel information for the Sri Lanka visa

The arrival date which you fill in can be an estimate. The validity of the visa (30 days) only begins the moment you arrive in Sri Lanka. So if you arrive several days earlier or later than you filled in, this won’t have consequences for the maximum staying duration in Sri Lanka. You can arrive a maximum of one month earlier or later than filled in expected date of arrival.

Making use of an urgent application is recommended if you plan on travelling to Sri Lanka short term. Usually, the visa for Sri Lanka is approved within several days. If you make use of an urgent delivery, you will receive the visa within the hour (on average within 23 minutes). Nevertheless, no guarantees can be given on the delivery time; the immigration service of Sri Lanka maintains the right to choose a visa for a randomised extended background check.

Step 3: Passport information

The third step in the form involves filling in the passport information. Even if you are arranging a visa for multiple travellers with a single application, you still need to fill in this part of the form for each individual traveller. You can add extra travellers by clicking the blue button at the bottom of the form that says "Add traveller". All information which is asked for in this segment can be found in the traveller’s passport. Check this part of the form with extra care; a wrongly filled in passport number results in an invalid visa. This can have serious consequences for your trip.

Fill in passport information for Sri Lanka visaFill in passport information for Sri Lanka visa

Step 4: Employer information and background questions

The final part of the form consists of filling in the profession description and answering two background questions.

 Filling in employer information for Sri Lanka visa Filling in employer information for Sri Lanka visa

Step 5: Checking and paying for the application

After all the information has been filled in for all travellers for whom a visa is being applied for, you can click the green button “Apply for visa”. You will then be taken to the concluding page, where all filled in information is summed up. It is strongly recommended to double-check all of the information, and checking the passport information in particular for mistakes. Do you see a mistake? Click on "Edit" to make a correction. When everything has been filled in completely and correctly, you need to agree with the requirements by placing a checkmark. Next, you choose the desired payment method and make the payment. Right after making the payment, the application is processed. If you requested an urgent application, you can expect your visa within 23 minutes by e-mail.

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