The Sri Lanka visa cost depends on a number of things. Only the digital e-visa (ETA) can be applied for through this website, and all prices on this page refer to that. There are three types of e-visa: for tourists, business travelers and, travelers changing flights/on a transit in Sri Lanka. The prices for these differ individually. The total application cost also depends on the desired delivery speed.

Sri Lanka e-visa/ETA cost

The online Sri Lanka visa (e-visa/ETA) exists in three variants; the tourist visa, the business visa, and the transit visa. The tourist variant costs €14,95 per person. The price of the transit visa is likewise €14,95 per person. The business version costs €10,00 more per person. All prices are including VAT and including application costs, service costs, consular costs and use of the support center for any questions. The support center is reachable by phone and e-mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your questions about the Sri Lanka visa.

If a visa is applied for for multiple travelers at once, the price per person stays the same. The benefit of a group application lies in its simplicity. If travelers from the group application travel together, different questions in the form need to be answered the same way for each traveler. In a group application, all of this information only need to be filled in once, and not for each traveler again.

When to submit urgent application

Fee for urgent applications
Online e-visas are assessed within several days and sent by e-mail right after approval, in the form of a download link. Do you need an urgent Sri Lanka visa? Submit an urgent application. Urgent applications result in an approved visa on average within 23 minutes. The prices for the urgent visa are the same as the standard prices mentioned above, with an added fee of €17,50 per traveler. Start an urgent application here.

Transaction costs, service costs, application costs and consular costs

All prices mentioned on this website are total prices, including service and application costs, consular costs and VAT. Regardless of the chosen payment method, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal, there will never be any additional costs other than the total price listed on this website.

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Pay safely, easily and without delays

Safety comes first when it comes to processing data and payments for visa applications. To make sure that your payment is processed safely and quickly, we utilize the most used payment methods, which are known for their safety and efficiency: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. All these payment methods are ‘instant’, meaning that the costs are registered with us right after the payment is made. This way, no delays exist between the moment of payment and the start of the processing of the visa application for Sri Lanka.

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