Since february of 2022, the Autralian borders have reopened for tourists and business travellers. Travellers no longer need to show proof of vaccination or a coronavirus test to travel to Australia. However, a visa is required for travel to Australia. Here you can read about the steps you need to take in order to be able to travel to Australia.

Vaccination and testing requirements lifted

For a long time, international travel to Australia was subject to a vaccination requirement. Only travellers who had been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 were allowed to travel. On 6 July 2022, this vaccination requirement was lifted. Those who wish to travel to Australia no longer need to show proof of vaccination. Travellers also do not need to do a coronavirus test to travel to Australia, regardless of their vaccination status.

Are you planning on travelling to Australia in 2024? The travel advice for Australia, given out by the British government, is positive, which means that it is safe to travel. Travellers do need to have an Australia visa.

The course of COVID-19 in Australia

From the start of the global coronavirus pandemic, Australia opted for a zero tolerance policy. This led to strict lockdowns and an almost completely closed border. Because the island has no land borders, this policy was easier to enforce than in most other countries. For a long time, this led to an almost negligible number of coronavirus infections. But after the summer of 2021 and with the rise of the Omicron variant at the end of that year, the number of infections rose sharply. Due to the positive outcome of the vaccination campaign and the less severe course of the Omicron variant, it was decided to reopen Australia’s borders in February 2022.

Opening the border proved to be the right choice, as infection and hospitalisation rates have since fallen and normal life has largely been restored in Australia. On 6 July 2022, the last travel-related coronavirus measures were lifted at a national level. It is no longer mandatory for travellers to show proof of vaccination or testing.

Almost all measures regarding the Coronavirus / COVID-19 for travel to Australia have been lifted.Almost all measures regarding the Coronavirus / COVID-19 for travel to Australia have been lifted.

Preparations for your trip to Australia

After almost two years of completely closed borders, Australia started to relax the Covid-19 measures step by step since February 2022. In early 2022, travellers still had to show a coronavirus test certificate and a vaccination certificate if they wanted to travel to Australia. Travellers also had to be tested for coronavirus once more on arrival. In April 2022, the testing requirement for vaccinated travellers was first lifted and then in July 2022, the vaccination requirement was also withdrawn. Travellers no longer need to fill in a Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) or Maritime Travel Declaration (MTD). This means that it has become significantly easier to travel to Australia, but there are still some preparations that need to be made for a trip to Australia in 2024.

Apply for an Australia visa

You must apply for an Australia visa before you leave. For holidays and business trips, an eVisitor visa is usually sufficient. This e-visa can be applied for completely online and is valid for a period of 12 months. Within this time, you may travel to Australia as often as you want. However, each consecutive stay may not exceed 3 months.
Apply for your Australia visa

Your flight to Australia

Before you can board the plane, you must be able to show the following documents: your passport, your flight ticket and your visa. Always keep these documents in your hand luggage. You should also bear in mind the requirement to wear a mask during the flight.

After arrival in Australië

At a national level in Australia, all coronavirus measures for international travellers have been lifted. Recently, the last coronavirus-related entry restrictions for international travellers were also lifted in all states of Australia. As rules can change quickly in different states, you are still advised to keep a close eye on local coronavirus related restrictions for international travellers.

The following rules apply to travellers arriving by plane only. Are you travelling to Tasmania, Western Australia, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland or the Northern Territory? If so, you do not need to undergo quarantine or testing upon arrival. Are you travelling to New South Wales, Queensland, or South Australia? If so, testing is required on arrival. You must go into quarantine on arrival, but may leave as soon as you have received a negative test result.

Returning to the UK or Ireland

When returning to the UK or Ireland, you will not need to take a COVID-19 test or quarantine, regardless of vaccination status. You also do not need to fill out a Passenger Locator Form.

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