Australia is represented in the United Kingdom and Ireland by two offices: the High Commission in London and the Australian Embassy in Dublin. The Australian High Commission and embassy provide consular support to Australians in the United Kingdom and Ireland, but they do not process visa applications. British and Irish citizens can easily apply for their Australia visa online.

Tasks of the High Commission in London

The High Commission in London is the main contact point for Australians in the United Kingdom. It also maintains relations between the British and Australian governments, and represents Australia in various political and economical ways in the United Kingdom. The main tasks of the Australian High Commission consist of:

Consular assistance for Australians in the UK
The High Commission handles consular affairs for Australians in the UK. They can contact the office for the issuing of (emergency) passports, extracts, legalisation of documents or signatures and the making of certified copies.

Bilateral cooperation between the Australian and British governments
The High Commission looks after Australiaʼs interests in the United Kingdom and also contributes to the maintenance of relations between the Australian and British governments. The countries work together in areas such as human rights, climate change and counterterrorism.

Economic ties and agreements
The High Commission aims to strengthen economic ties between the United Kingdom and Australia. The United Kingdom is the second-largest foreign investor in Australia. In addition, the two countries have a number of key agreements in place in areas such as foreign policy, security and defence. These include the Mutual Recognition Agreements, Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters and the International Tax Agreement.

Embassy and High Commission do not process visa applications

British and Irish travellers to Australia should keep in mind that neither the embassy in Dublin nor the High Commission in London offer any visa services. Therefore, British and Irish citizens should not go to the Australian missions for visa-related matters. However, applications for an e-visa Australia (eVisitor) are not processed at the embassy, but are submitted online. E-visa for Australia are approved in 5 days on average and sent by e-mail. Travellers need to print the visa and take it with them on their trip. Once the application is approved and travellers have received the visa, no further visa-related actions are required.

Apply here for your eVisitor visa for Australia

The visa that can be applied for on this website (eVisitor Australia) is subject to certain requirements. Travellers who do not meet the requirements of the e-Visitor visa, for example because they want to stay in the country for more than 3 months consecutively or because they want to work for a company in Australia, should apply for a different type of visa. The embassy in Dublin and the High Commission in London do not answer any questions regarding any types of visa. Travellers who are not eligible for an eVisitor visa can contact the Global Service Centre (the help desk of the Australian immigration service), which assists all Europeans who have questions about visa-related matters. The global Service Centre can also assist in applications for the Australian citizenship.

Contact the Australian High Commission

The Australian embassies and High Commissions are not responsible for visa applications for Australia, so they cannot answer any questions surrounding visa or their application processes. Travellers who do not meet the requirements for the eVisitor visa Australia and who need assistance with applying for any other type of visa, should contact the Australian Global Service Centre.

The High Commission in London
Address Strand, London WC2B 4LA, United Kingdom
Phone (+44) 20 7379 4334
Fax (+44) 20 7240 5333

Address of the High Commission in LondonAddress of the High Commission in the UK

The Australian Embassy in Ireland
Address 47 - 49 St Stephenʼs Green, Dublin 2, D02 W634, Ireland
Phone +353 1 664 5300
Fax +353 1 678 5185

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