A work visa is not always necessary for a business trip or other work in Australia. In many situations, an eVisitor visa is also sufficient. This saves you the higher cost and more complicated application procedure of a working visa for Australia.

Are you going to Australia on business?

Does your work fall under what the immigration authorities define as a business trip? Then a work visa is not required. EU and UK citizens only need to apply for an eVisitor visa Australia. This allows you to stay in Australia for up to three months. The following activities qualify as a business trip:

  • Attending a trade fair, seminar or conference
  • Attending meetings, tours and gatherings
  • Negotiating and signing business agreements
  • Attending a study course or training, as long as it is not medical

Apply for a visa for your business trip

Do you want to combine a business trip and holiday to Australia?

The eVisitor visa is suitable for business trips as well as holidays and other tourist travel purposes, such as visiting friends and family in Australia. In the Australia visa application form, EU and UK citizens must indicate your main travel purpose. However, business travellers and tourists receive exactly the same visa. It is therefore permitted to combine a holiday and business trip to Australia when travelling with an eVisitor visa.

Will you receive a fee for your work in Australia?

As a business traveller, you may not receive a fee, salary or other type of payment from an Australian organisation or consumer for your work. You may receive a salary or other type of payment for your work from your employer or other organisation if it is based outside Australia. But this employer or other organisation may not receive any payment for your work from an Australian organisation or consumer either. Is this the case? Then you are providing services, and a specific working visa is required for that.

Do you want to sell and/or supply services or products in Australia?

Selling services and products to companies or other organisations in Australia is permitted with an eVisitor visa. This is because it is part of negotiating and signing business agreements. However, providing these services is not permitted. A specific working visa is required for this.

Selling or delivering services or products to consumers in Australia is not allowed with an eVisitor visa.

Do you want to do voluntary work in Australia?

With an eVisitor visa Australia you are allowed to do voluntary work under certain conditions. The voluntary work must be secondary to the main purpose of the trip, which must be tourism. During a trip, it is allowed to volunteer for a single non-profit organisation for a short period of time. No salary may be received for volunteering, but you can be compensated in the form of board and lodging or living expenses. During the voluntary work, no work may be done that would otherwise be done by a paid employee. Finally, the volunteering must contribute in a meaningful way to the Australian community.

Do you want to be employed by an Australian employer?

This does not qualify as a business trip and is therefore not permitted with the eVisitor visa Australia. Would you like to earn some extra money during a long holiday? If you are younger than 31, you can apply for a so-called Working Holiday visa Australia for this purpose. In other cases, you must apply for a working visa.

Do you also meet the other requirements of the eVisitor visa?

This page only deals with work-related questions about the Australia visa. The visa also has other requirements which every traveller from the EU or UK has to meet. Check whether you also meet these visa requirements before you apply for your Australia visa.

Applying for an eVisitor visa Australia

After reading this page, have you concluded that the work you want to do in Australia qualifies as a business trip? Then you can apply for the eVisitor visa using the online application form. Read more about the application procedure, or submit an application right away.
More information about the Australia visa

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