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General questions

  • • Do I need a visa for my trip to Australia?

    Yes, if you are not an inhabitant of Australia you need to apply for a visa. You need to have the visa in your possession to check in to your flight to Australia.

  • • Which type of visa do I need for my trip to Australia?

    There are different types of visa for Australia, such as the eVisitor visa, the ETA visa Australia and the Working Holiday Visa. Most travellers make use of the eVisitor visa. This type is the cheapest and can be applied for online with ease. Want to know more? Read more about the requirements and the application procedure.

  • • Can I make use of the eVisitor visa Australia?

    You can if you belong to one of the following nationalities:
    Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, The United Kingdom, Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungaria, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican City.

    You also have to meet the visa requirements.

  • • I applied for a visa, but did not receive an email; what now?

    Right after you have completed the payment for your visa application,you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. This e-mail contains a link to your personal status page on Here you check what the status of your (group) application is.

    Was your visa not issued within the expected term? The status page will tell you when you should contact us about this, and how to do it.

    The immigration service processes all applications individually. So not per group, but per person. even if you filled in multiple travellers in a single application form. Occasionally, there can be quite a bit of difference between the moments of approval between the various visas from a single group application. This can be the case if one or several people are subjected to a manual extended background check. If an application for a traveller takes more time than those of the other travellers in the group, this does not mean that the visa application for this traveller has a higher chance of being rejected.

    Didn’t receive this email? First check the folder ‘unwanted emails’ in your email inbox, also known as the ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ folder. Can’t find an email from a sender titled Try looking up the status of your application online.

    This doesn’t work either? Send an email to containing your order number. The order number can be found in the transcript of your payment.

  • • I received my visa; do I need to print it or do anything else?

    The visa is tied to your passport number. This means that both the airline before departure, as well as the Australian immigration service after arrival will check to make sure you meet the visa requirements by passing your passport through a scanner. It is generally not necessary to show the visa as well at this point. It can be prudent to take a printout of the visa with you just to be sure so that you can produce it in paper, or on your phone, tablet or laptop in the rare case you are asked to.

  • • Will the coronavirus (Covid-19) impact my travel plans?

    This is very likely the case if you plan to travel to Australia in the near future. Read all about this on the page with information about the coronavirus measures in Australia.

    All you need to know about Covid-19 in Australia
    Receive an email once you can safely travel again

Questions about the Australia visa application

  • • How can I apply for my Australia visa?

    The Australia visa can be applied for online. This means that you only need to fill in the application form and complete the payment. After this the application will be processed automatically, and after being granted the visa you can use your passport to get past any control points. More explanation about the procedure can be found on the special explanation page about the visa procedure.

  • • When do I have to apply for my visa?

    The immigration service advises you to apply for the visa several weeks before departure. Normally an application does not take more than a few hours or days, but to prevent any last moment issues, it is prudent to file the application at a timely date. In the rare case that the application is denied, you will still have time for an appointment with the consulate to receive a different type of visa. Leaving within a few days and still don’t have a visa? Make use of the urgent application procedure.

  • • Can I submit an urgent application?

    Yes. If you want to submit an urgent application procedure for the Australia visa there is an additional fee of € 17,50 per traveller. Applications submitted through the urgent procedure are processed much faster; in 95% of the cases the granting of the visa happens within 1 hour. Take note: it can happen that the Australian immigration service takes you application for a randomized expanded screening. Processing of the application can in these rare cases take several days. This kind of delay occurs very rarely and cannot be prevented, regardless of the type of procedure you file. That is why, even in the case of an urgenct procedure, it is advised to submit the application as early as possible, to reduce the possibilities of any problems

  • • Can I submit a group application?

    Yes. You can use the regular application form. At the bottom of the form you will find a blue button titled "add traveller". When you click on that, it will display extra input fields. You can add up to 10 travellers on a single application form. If you make use of a group application, many of the input fields only need to be filled out once, and you only need to make a single combined payment. The price per person remains the same.

  • • What information and documents do I need for the application?

    For the application for the Australia visa you only need your contact information and passport data. If you have been to Australia before, you will also be asked for your previous Visa Grant Number and Visa Label Number. These fields are optional. If you leave these fields empty, there is a chance of a slight delay in the processing of your application.

  • • How can I pay for my visa for Australia?

    You can make the payment with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal. We also provide various alternative payment options such as iDeal and Bancontact. There are no transaction fees with any of these payment methods. All prices on this website include consular costs, applications costs, service costs and VAT.

  • • How will I receive my visa for Australia?

    Right after having made the payment for the visa, you will receive an email with the confirmation of your application. As soon as the visa application has been approved, you will receive an email with a link to the status page. There, you can download the visa. Although it is generally not requested by authorities, it is prudent to print the visa and take it with you on your trip.

  • • Can I work with my Australia visa?

    Are you going to Australia on a business trip? Then you are allowed to be paid by your employer, if they are situated outside of Australia. Not all forms of work are allowed with the eVisitor visa. Carefully read the explanation provided on the page concerning the visas to work in Australia.

    With the visa which you can request on this website, it is not allowed to perform paid labor in service of an Australian employer. You are allowed to engage in volunteer work, but you cannot receive more than lodging and a small amount of pocket money in return. Do you want to go on a working holiday? Check if you need a Working Holiday Visa.

  • • Do I need to pick my visa up somewhere?

    No, you do not need to pick your visa up at a visa counter, embassy or consulate; all applications are processed electronically and sent by email.

  • • How long does it take until I receive my visa?

    Generally, you can expect your visa within five workdays after submitting the application. If you filed an urgent application procedure, the application will generally be granted within 1 hour. There is however no guarantee on these delivery times, as even with urgent procedures there is chance of a delay due to the possibility of a randomized extended control by the Australian immigration service.

  • • Do I need to have a flight ticket and an overnight place ready to apply for a visa?

    No, you do not need to have booked either a flight or a hotel before you submit a visa application.

  • • I cannot find my Grant Number or Visa Number; what now?

    It is not required to fill in your Visa Grant Number or Visa Number. Leaving these fields empty (provided you did receive these numbers at some point before) can, however, lead to a delay in the processing of your visa application. Look at the picture below to see where you can find the Visa Grant Number and/or Visa number.

    find Visa Grant NumberFind the Visa Grant Number

    find Visa Label NumberFind the Visa Label Number

    Unable to track down this number? Then you can contact the Australian Embassy in Berlin on: +49 30 88 00 88 0. You can also leave these fields empty and risk a delay in your application procedure.

Questions about the visa for Australia

  • • How long is the visa valid for?

    The visa for Australia is valid for 12 months, from the moment that it is granted. This means that you can only arrive in Australia during these 12 months. After arrival you can stay in Australia a maximum of 3 consecutive months. You are, however, allowed to return to the country an unlimited amount of times within these 12 months. You can thus also plan multiple 3 months stays in Australia provided these fall within the overall 12 month validity period. Learn more about the validity period of the Australia visa.

  • • How long can I stay in Australia?

    A maximum of 3 months per stay. You can travel into the country an unlimited number of times during the 12 month validity period, starting from the moment the visa is granted. Learn more about the validity period of the Australia visa.

  • • How often can I travel to Australia on my visa?

    An unlimited number of times, provided you arrive in Australia before the visa expires.

  • • Does my child require its own visa?

    Yes, even if it is underage. Furthermore, if you travel with children to Australia and not all of the parents/guardians are traveling along, you need to carry a signed declaration in which all the parents/guardians approve of the trip. This demand was implemented to counteract child abduction.

  • • Can I work in Australia with my visa?

    Only if it concerns unpaid volunteer work that meets the terms set by the visa. Is this not the case? Then you might need a Working Holiday Visa or a different type of visa than the eVisitor visa you can apply for on this website.

  • • Can I study in Australia with my visa?

    Yes, but only if the program does not last longer than 3 months. Does it last longer than 3 months? Then you might need a special student visa.

  • • Can I perform volunteer work in Australia with my visa?

    Yes, but there are several conditions tied to this. You cannot be paid more than the cost of living and shelter, plus a small amount of pocket money. You are also not allowed to perform work that would otherwise be performed by a salaried Australian worker. Finally, your trip must have a primary tourist purpose, with the volunteer work having a ‘subservient’ role.

  • • Do I need a visa if I arrive by cruise ship?

    Yes, the manner of arrival in Australia has no bearing on the requirements of the visa.

  • • Can I extend my visa?

    No. If you are outside of Australia, you can file for a new visa (as often as you like) for a new validity period of 12 months. If your visa expires at the time that you are still in Australia, you have to apply for a valid visa type with the local government at a timely date.

  • • For how long does my passport need to be valid for?

    The passport has to be valid for at least six more months at the time of your arrival in Australia. Are you filing for a new passport? Then you have to file for a new visa as well. A visa that is tied to an expired passport is no longer valid.

  • • I have a new passport; is my visa still valid?

    No. If you have a new passport and wish to travel with it, you first have to apply for a visa with this new passport. The old visa is no longer valid, even if the validity period has not expired yet.

  • • I have been convicted and given a jail sentence, but have already served it; can I apply for a visa?

    If you have been sentenced for a total of more than 12 months of jail time, then you cannot make use of the visa application form on this website. Even if you have served the sentence or the sentence has barred.

  • • Do I need a visa to change flights in Australia?

    No. You can change flights in Australia without needing a visa. Take note: you can only stay a maximum of 8 hours in Australia without a visa and cannot leave the airport during this time. You must also already have booked a connecting flight before you fly to Australia.

Canceling or changing the application

  • • I made a mistake filling in the form; what now?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to make changes to a form that has already been submitted. The only way to correct the mistake is by filing a new application. The payment will have to be made anew as well.

  • • My visa was rejected; what now?

    Do not travel to Australia without a valid visa. If your visa was denied, contact the Australian consulate to inform for the possibilities of still traveling to Australia.

  • • I don’t need my visa after all; can I get a refund?

    No. Unfortunately refunds are not possible; as soon as the application is being processed, the requested service is being performed. Services that are being performed cannot be refunded.

  • • Can I cancel my visa application?

    No. Unfortunately, this is not possible. After the application has been filed, it cannot be canceled.

Other questions

  • • What happens to my personal information?

    We use your personal data solely for the processing of your visa application. We respect the privacy of all of the users of our site and take great care to make sure that any information you provide to us is treated with the utmost confidentiality. It is important to know that your information cannot be sold or used for any commercial end.

    If you have further questions about privacy, read our privacy policy or contact us.

  • • I cannot figure it out; where can I find more information or help?

    Always try to find you answer on this page first;; this way you can quickly find the answer to your question concerning the Australia visa.

    If you cannot find your answer on this page, we are of course glad to be of assistance. Click here to contact us.

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