For a holiday or business trip to Australia with a maximum stay of 3 months, you can use the eVisitor visa. The cost is € 14,95 per person. Applying for the visa can be done online, and you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

How long before departure should I apply for the visa?

The Australia visa can be applied for well before departure. After all, it is valid for one year from the moment of approval. When the visa is applied for, no flight or accommodation needs to have been booked yet. It is also not necessary to have set an exact travel date. If possible, submit your visa application several weeks before departure.

Average delivery times of the Australia visa

On average, the visa is approved in 5 days. If you need the visa urgently, you can also submit an urgent application. Urgent applications are approved within 60 minutes in 95% of cases. The delivery times start as soon as the visa fee has been paid.

Cost of the visa for Australia

The cost of the visa for Australia is € 14,95 per person. These costs are charged by for the processing of your application, including customer support and error checking. This fee can be paid safely and securely with the usual online payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. No transaction costs will be charged, regardless of how you pay. Because you pay in pounds and not Australian dollars, your bank will not charge you an exchange rate penalty.
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Holiday in Australiaravelling to Australia as a tourist: you need to apply for a visa first

Surcharge for optional urgent delivery

Applications for an Australia visa for which an urgent delivery has been opted for have a surcharge of € 17,50 per person added to them. To have your application processed urgently, you can use the normal application form. In the form you can simply select the option ‘urgent deliveryʼ.
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The cost of the visa application for Australia can be safely paid with these trusted payment methods:
MasterCardVisaAmerican ExpressPayPal

Visa delivery times are never guaranteed

At the top of this page, you can find the average delivery times for the Australia visa. These are explicitly not maximum delivery times. The maximum delivery time can never be guaranteed, not even for urgent applications. This is because Australiaʼs immigration service subjects about one in twenty applications to a random manual check. In those cases, an application is checked more extensively, and it takes longer before the visa is granted. In exceptional cases, it may even take more than a few days. If a random check is made, this does not mean that the application is likely to be rejected. However, sometimes additional information or documents are requested. It is also possible that a random check is made for one traveller in a group application, while all other travellers have already received a visa.

If you select the option ‘urgent deliveryʼ in the application form, your application will be processed by a visa specialist of within 24 hours after payment of the application fee, but usually within ten minutes, and afterwards submitted to the Australian immigration service. You will therefore usually receive your visa within 60 minutes, though this can never be guaranteed.