News report | | 15-07-2022 | ±2 minutes reading time

The Nile in Egypt is a popular river for tourists and cruise travellers. There is a lot of Egyptian history to see along the waterside, as well as many villages and towns to visit. It is the perfect country for a fun cruise holiday. Read all you need to know about a cruise through Egypt in this article, including how to apply for an Egypt visa.

Live it like in the movies

Not only tourists, but also writers and film-makers consider the Nile in Egypt a favourite destination. The legends about pharaohs, impressive buildings and stories about the Egyptian gods make it an inspiring country. One of the adventures of the famous Belgian detective Hercules Poirot also took place on the Nile. Death on the Nile, as this famous book by writer Agatha Christie is called, has been adapted for film several times. Also recently by Disney. The pyramids of Giza, the temple of Abu Simbel and the famous Cataract Hotel, which are shown in this film, are best visited by tourists with a cruise on the Nile.

Important tourist information

Before you travel to any destination, good preparation is essential. For some countries, such as Egypt, visitors need a visa to enter. This applies to all the different arrival possibilities in Egypt. Visa requirements also apply to both long and short visits. As soon as you want to enter the country, you are required to have a visa, regardless of whether you arrive by plane or boat.

Tourists who wish to go on a cruise along the Nile can apply for an e-visa online before departure. The Egyptian government has made this electronic visa available to stimulate tourism in the country. Applying for an e-visa is much easier than a paper visa. For a paper visa, travellers have to make an appointment at the Egyptian embassy, whereas the e-visa can be applied for online. The e-visa is usually approved within 10 days and from then on, the visa is valid for 3 months. Tourists may stay 30 consecutive days in Egypt, if these days are within the validity of the visa.

Cruises and more

Cruise holidays offer something for everyone. There are shorter cruises of about 8 days, or longer cruises of 15 days or more. There are cruises which include short visits to places of interest, or cruises which are combined with more extensive city trips. Those who also want to relax can choose to combine a cruise with a few days of sunbathing on the beach.

Requirements Egypt visa

If your visa is approved, and you wish to arrive in Egypt earlier than the date you entered, you may do so up to 30 days earlier. This does not change the maximum stay of 30 days. Once in Egypt, you should have a travel plan with information about the cruise, any other places to stay, but also proof of a (flight) ticket back home or to another country. To be sure, check all the requirements for the Egypt visa before applying.