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Egypt is famous for its giant pyramids, such as the pyramid of Giza and Khafre. To get a look at these awesome structures in person, a trip to Egypt can be planned. These preparations need to be made well in advance.

This doesn’t just mean booking a flight and packing your bags. You will also need to apply for an Egypt visa. This can be easily done online.

Going to Egypt? Apply for an Egypt visa!

All British tourists are required to apply for a visa before travelling to Egypt. These days, you won’t need to go to the embassy or consulate to get a visa, as the application be be submitted entirely online.

If the application is approved, the traveller will receive an electronic visa. This is known as an e-visa and is sent by e-mail. No appointment needs to be made at the embassy. However, the Egypt e-visa can only be applied for if you have a tourist or business travel purpose. For any other purposes, you need to apply for a physical visa at the embassy.

Validity and costs Egypt visa

Being an online visa rather than a paper one, applying for an Egypt visa can be easily done 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the comfort of your chair. The costs amount to € 49,95 per person. Keep in mind that underage children also need to possess their own Egypt visa. Applying for a visa can take a while, so it is advised to submit an application at least seven days before arrival.

The visa of € 49,95 per person is a so-called single entry visa, meaning it can only be used to enter the country once. This means that if you leave Egypt, you won’t be allowed to enter again with that same visa, regardless of if its still valid. A multiple entry visa, however, allows you to enter and leave the country as often as you like.

The visa is valid for 90 days and you can stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days. Each traveller applying for an Egypt visa needs to possess their own passport. For British nationals, this needs to be a British Citizen passport. An emergency passport, ID card or other residence document is not considered a valid means of identification.

So before you start to plan your trip to Egypt, first of all make sure you have a valid passport. Furthermore, if you are visiting family or friends, you also need to be able to provide a letter of invitation. Before departure, make a quick itinerary. Customs at the airport in Egypt might request one from you. This itinerary must hold all booked flights and overnight stays.

If you are travelling as a group, it is possible to submit a group visa application. For Egyptian visas, this is in fact mandatory.

Regular Egypt visa application and urgent Egypt visa application

When applying for an Egypt visa, you can choose between a regular application or an urgent one. In both cases, the application can be submitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is important to correctly fill in the passport and hotel information during the application. Travellers that have been to Egypt before must also fill in the dates of arrival and departure of this previous trip. Group travellers must submit a group application, meaning the information of all travellers must be filled out in a single application form. It is not possible to submit individual applications in this case.

Applying for an Egypt visa costs € 49,95 per person. This is a single entry visa. If you want to travel to Egypt multiple times with the same visa, you can choose for a multiple entry visa. The costs for this are € 84,90 per person.

The visa can be applied for before the flight tickets have been booked. An overnight stay must have already been booked, however. This information will be asked for when filling out the application. It is important to apply for the Egypt visa on time. The application can be submitted as early as desired, but it won’t be processed until 30 days before the date of arrival. After approval, the validity duration starts right away. From this moment on, the visa is valid for 90 days. Don’t delay your trip to Egypt too much.

It is important to apply for your visa at least seven days before leaving for Egypt. Forgot to apply and you find yourself in urgent need of an Egypt visa? In the application form, check the option ‘urgent’. These urgent applications are generally granted within two to five workdays. No guarantees can be given regarding delivery times of the Egypt visa, as all applications are manually checked. This means that it is best to apply for your Egypt visa as early as possible.

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