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In this article, you can find the requirements regarding your passport for applying for the Egypt e-visa. It is important that you provide the necessary digital copy of the passport for all travellers and that it meets the requirements imposed on it by the Egyptian immigration service. For example, the passport must still be valid for at least six months on the day you arrive in Egypt.

Visa for your trip to Egypt

Both the single-entry visa for one trip and the multiple-entry visa for multiple tourist trips to Egypt can be applied for entirely online. The visa can be used for a visit to family or friends, a tourist trip or a combination thereof. Filling out the online application form should not take more than about five to ten minutes. However, travellers must provide an appropriate digital copy of the passport before the application can be processed. The average delivery time does not start until the application is complete and passport scans are accepted.

Visa needed for travel to South Sinai?

Do you have the nationality of the United Kingdom, United States or an Eu country and are you travelling to a resort in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Taba, Dahab or Nuweiba? In that case you only need an Egypt visa if you leave the region or stay there for longer than 15 days. Are you travelling to another place in Egypt? In that case, regardless of the duration of your stay, you always need an Egypt visa.

Applying for the Egypt visa with a standard passport

Irish and other EU citizens with a valid standard passport are eligible for the Egypt e-visa. This also applies to holders of a standard passport issued by Switzerland or the United Kingdom. Holders of an emergency passport, residence permit or a foreign nationals document cannot apply for the e-visa. An ID card is also not valid for applying for an Egypt e-visa.

Passport requirements for the Egypt visa

The passport the traveller uses to apply for the e-visa must be the same as the passport the traveller eventually intends to use for the trip to Egypt. This passport must be valid for at least six months after arrival. This applies to both single-entry visas and multiple-entry visas. It is therefore important to check whether your passport is still valid through those six months before applying for the visa.

Filling in passport details

You should have all of your passport details ready before filling out the application form. This allows you to go through the application quickly. After filling in the required details, it is essential to check again whether all the information has been entered correctly. Afterwards, you complete the payment to proceed with the application.

Keep in mind that if your first or last name in full writing contains more than 50 characters or if there is no name under “first names” on your passport, you cannot apply for the Egypt visa online. This is because in these cases, the Egyptian visa system cannot process your passport details.

Uploading a sharp, digital passport copy

After making the payment, you must upload a scan or photo of the passport for all travellers. The Egyptian immigration service is very strict about the admissibility of passport copies for visa applications. Is there a reflection on the document you are providing or is part of the image out of focus? Then the provided scan or photo is not suitable, and your application cannot be processed until a suitable copy has been received.

The scan or photo of the passport does not have to be submitted in colour. You may also provide a passport copy in shades of grey. You can also submit the required documents at a later time. However, the application will only be processed once a suitable digital passport copy has been provided for all travellers. Other than a scan or photo of your passport, you do not need to provide any other documents when applying for an Egypt visa.

Edited and unreadable passport copies not valid

All the text on the information page of your passport, including the fine print and photograph, should be visible. Not even a millimetre of the page should be covered. If you have trouble taking a suitable photograph because it is necessary to hold the passport open with your fingers, you should probably make a scan. Documents that have been edited and that have a watermark applied, for example, or whose details have been crossed out, covered, or otherwise rendered invisible, will also be rejected.

The scan or photo of the passport must show the signature of the passport holder. Travelling with a standard passport issued by the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States, France, Greece or Brazil? Then, for this reason, page 2 of the passport must also be visible on the submitted photo or scan.

Made a mistake with your application?

Did you accidentally make a mistake when filling in the passport details in the application form or did you provide an unclear copy of your passport? You can still change your information if you leave within the next 30 days. Making corrections is also possible if the visa expert at has not yet checked your document(s). Your application will never be processed more than 30 days before the expected arrival date. Do you submit your application less than 30 days before the scheduled arrival in Egypt and have you provided all the data and documents correctly? Then, in most cases, you will receive your visa with a standard application within 11 days.

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