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This article is about the payment habits in Egypt and the costs associated with a trip to the country. After reading this article, you will know what means of payment you can use in Egypt, what the approximate prices are of, for example, the Egypt visa, accommodation, transport and other things.

Valid payment methods


Payments in Egypt are made with the Egyptian pound (EGP). £1 currently (4 may 2021) equals 22.17 Egyptian pounds. It is wise to check the current exchange rate before departure. Although pounds and US dollars are sometimes accepted in the larger cities and more expensive hotels, shopping centres and restaurants in Egypt, it is useful to have enough Egyptian pounds in your pocket. In most cases, you will save money if you pay with the local currency, because the prices (converted) will be lower.

You can use your bank card to withdraw money from most ATMs in Egypt without any problem, usually to a maximum of £500 per day. Bear in mind that the number of ATMs outside the cities is limited and that each transaction involves transaction costs, so it is cheaper to withdraw a higher amount several times than a small amount several times. EPG 0.25, 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 notes are accepted almost everywhere. However, not all shopkeepers always have enough change and in that case it is useful to have smaller notes at hand. The cost of the Egypt visa must be paid before departure, which is done in pounds.

Payment card

For security reasons, most banks block payment cards from being used outside Europe. Make sure you can pay with your card in Egypt by activating it yourself in the app, online or by the bank for use outside Europe.

In Egypt, credit cards often can only be used to pay in the larger and more expensive hotels, shopping centres and restaurants. Although it can be useful to have a credit card, it is therefore wise to have other means of payment with you.

Egypt visa application process completely online

Types and costs of the Egypt visa

It goes without saying that a trip to Egypt costs money. Even before you leave, you will have to book your flight and often also your accommodation. In addition, you will have to arrange an Egypt visa. There are two variants of the visa for Egypt. The so-called single-entry visa allows you to travel to Egypt once, for a stay of up to 30 days. The cost of this visa is € 54,95 per person. If you want to travel to Egypt more than once, you should apply for the multiple-entry version for € 89,90 per person. This version of the Egypt visa allows you to travel to the country several times during the 90-day validity period. Each stay may also last up to 30 days with this visa.

The prices of the Egypt visa are total prices

The application process for the visa takes place entirely online. After filling in the application form, the costs for both visa variants can be paid online using one of the common payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. The prices mentioned are total prices, which means that all necessary costs for the visa are included. No additional consular fees, exchange rate surcharges, service charges or other costs will be charged afterwards, no matter which payment method you choose.

Costs during the trip in Egypt


The prices of accommodation in Egypt are between £5 and £5 per night. The price naturally depends on the luxury of the accommodation you choose. A good double room will on average cost you around £40. A more luxurious stay is more expensive, while staying in, for example, a hostel is cheaper.

Food and drink

Compared to European standards, Egypt is a very cheap country. For a bottle of water you pay about 3 Egyptian pounds, which is equivalent to a little over 15 cents, and for a good meal including drinks in a local restaurant you pay between £3 and £5. Even a meal in a luxury restaurant in a big city often costs no more than 120 EGP (around £6,40).


Transport in Egypt is likewise not expensive by European standards. For shorter distances by minibus you will spend about £0,50 - £1. For longer distances you can use scheduled buses. These cost about £2 to £3 per hour, and a train ride costs about the same.

Payment habits in Egypt


In Egypt, it is normal to tip anyone who has done anything for you, regardless of whether they did it well or not. Because tipping is normal, salaries in Egypt are relatively low. It is normal to tip around 10%.


In Egypt, haggling over the price of a product is normal, and haggling will often make a product cost you less than what was originally asked for.

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