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Egypt will not be raising the prices for a visa.This means that the price for the online Egypt visa will likewise remain the same. Earlier, the Egyptian government announced that they would increase the fees for visas, but this plan has now been cancelled.

This is good news for British travellers, since those that want to travel to Egypt require an Egypt visa to do so. With the visa, travellers can prove that they have permission to enter the country.

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Changes surrounding the Egypt visa

Egypt has been changing the fees and requirements for the Egypt visa for a while now. Initially, the government conceived of a plan to largely double the cost of a visa, but eventually this plan was put on hold. The plans to raise the fees for visas made it so Egypt became a less attractive destination for tourists.

That’s why protests started happening among the population. In response, the Egyptian government decided to not raise the prices after all. With us, the fee for an Egypt visa is € 54,95 per person. The visa can be easily applied for in five minutes.

Egypt in the news

The Egyptian government has chosen an unfortunate moment to discuss changing the fees for the Egypt visa. The new plans were introduced by the Foreign Office right after a Russian passenger plane crashed down in the Sinai desert.

The tourist branch also leveraged quite a bit of criticism at the plans to raise the fees. According to several parties, a large increase of the cost of an Egypt visa would hamper the recovery of tourism in Egypt. Three years after the incident with the Russian plane, the British travel branch is once again very positive regarding tourist trips to Egypt.

Travel advice Egypt

It’s still important for travellers to keep a close eye on the travel advice. According to the latest information of the British Foreign Office, there is still a heightened risk of attacks. This means that authorities in Egypt have taken additional safety measures. Furthermore, the country is dealing with social unrest and political tensions.

The Foreign Office also advises British travellers against travelling to North Sinai and the border area with Libya. This is the area north of Suez and Taba, including the road in-between. This area sees many terrorist attacks. The army regularly engages terrorist targets. Stay away from the border with Libya; there is a heightened chance of kidnappings there.

Only travel to South Sinai if it’s absolutely necessary. Some Egyptian cities such as Sharm el Sheikh are extremely popular among British tourists. This resort is relatively safe and travellers can travel there; however, keep in mind any safety risks in public areas. This also includes areas around the Red Sea, the Gulf of Suez, Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel, as well as the Mediterranean Sea shore up until the city Matruh.

In these areas, hotel resorts generally have good security.

Egypt visa application

If you follow the advice of the Foreign Office, travellers can safely spend some time in Egypt. An Egypt visa is necessary for this, however. The visa can be applied for through this website. It’s possible to apply for a visa for multiple people at once. Each visa is charged separately. The cost for one Egypt visa is € 54,95.
Apply for Egypt visa

This fee has remained the same compared to a few years ago. This is because Egypt decided to not increase the fees after all, to give tourism in the country a chance to recover. For an Egypt visa, you can apply for a single entry or multiple entry variant. With a single entry visa, you can travel to Egypt once, with the second variant you can travel to Egypt an unlimited number of times, as long as the visa is valid.

To apply for the Egypt visa, you need a passport. An ID card, emergency passport or driving license is not accepted. Furthermore, the passport must be valid for at least 8 more months. Take a letter of invitation along on your trip if you plan to visit family or friends. It is advised to make a simple travel schedule, which shows the booked flights and hotels. Take it with you, along with the printed visa.

The Egypt visa can be applied for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is possible to apply for the visa even before a flight ticket has been booked. You do need to have established at least one overnight stay. The application can be submitted at any time. Granting of the visa takes place 30 days before the planned date of arrival listed on the application form. Forgot to apply for a visa? Submit an urgent application. Urgent applications are generally approved within two days.

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