Below, you can find an example of the Indian visa. This document will be digitally sent after approval of the visa application by the Indian immigration service. You are required to print it and keep it with your passport during the entirety of the trip and stay in India. It is wise to check the accuracy of the data on the visa as soon as the visa has been received.

The Indian visa can also be downloaded as an example in PDF or applied for directly.

In the example visa, numbers have been set at the most important parts, with explanations at the right side.

  • All first and last names of the traveler
  • The application number
  • The document number of the linked passport
  • The status of the Indian visa
  • The ETA number/visa number
  • The nationality
  • Visa type
  • Visa sub-type
  • Number of times that India can be visited within the validity term (multiple means unlimmited)
  • Starting date, validity and maximum length of stay per visit to India