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Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for a family holiday. The country is not very large, which makes the distances between cities and sights easy to manage with children. Moreover, Sri Lanka is very diverse: you can go on safari, explore ancient temples or relax at the beach. Start in time with the preparations for your trip, such as applying for a Sri Lanka visa (ETA) and arranging proof of consent that must be carried if both parents are not travelling along.

Safe and comfortable destination

Sri Lanka may not seem the most suitable country for a trip with (small) children. Many people think of busy cities and hectic traffic when thinking of Asian destinations. Sri Lanka, however, is much quieter and cleaner than its neighbour India and other Asian countries such as Thailand and China. In general, the people of Sri Lanka are very friendly, and travellers are welcomed with open arms. Another major advantage is that there is no malaria in Sri Lanka, so preventive medication is not necessary. The country is becoming increasingly popular with families with children and therefore has a wide range of child-friendly accommodations to offer.

Versatile activities for young and old

Sri Lanka is a very versatile country and has activities for all ages. A safari through the jungle and savannah is highly recommended for a trip with children, where elephants, monkeys, buffaloes and crocodiles can be spotted.

Children will also be excited by a ride through the city on the back of a honking tuktuk. They will be amazed at the many impressive temples and enormous Buddha statues. One of the many ways to explore the country is by rail. The train journey from Kandy to Ella is considered one of the most beautiful routes in the world. The journey takes about 7 hours, but on the way there are several opportunities to stop and take a break for the children. From the train, you can look out over tea plantations and beautiful hilly landscapes.

You can combine your holiday with one of Sri Lanka's numerous beaches. There are several large tourist resorts in the country, but also smaller and quieter coastal towns.

Apply for a visa Sri Lanka (ETA)

All British and Irish tourists who travel to Sri Lanka, including children and babies, need a valid passport and visa. It is possible to apply for a visa for the entire family at the same time. This is done by submitting a group application, for which only a single application form needs to be filled in. By clicking on the button "Add a traveller" at the bottom of the form, extra fields appear for any additional travellers. A group application saves time, because certain data, such as contact and travel details, only have to be filled in once, and only a single total payment is made. Do you not have the necessary data for one or more travellers at hand? Then you can also submit a separate application for them later.

After filling in the form, the application will be processed right away. On average, the Sri Lanka visa is approved and sent by e-mail within 3 days. This is an electronic visa (ETA Sri Lanka) which is issued digitally. This means that the visa only has to be printed, and you do not have to go to a counter to hand in your passport. Only travellers who do not meet the requirements of the electronic Sri Lanka visa have to make an appointment at the embassy. Most tourists meet the requirements and can therefore easily apply for their visa online.

Consent form if both parents are not travelling along

In addition to applying for a visa, other documents may be required when travelling with minors. If both parents or guardians are not coming along to Sri Lanka, carrying a letter of consent is mandatory, which states that all persons with parental authority agree to the child(ren) travelling to Sri Lanka. It is also advised taking a copy of the ID card or passport of the parent or guardian who is not travelling with you and an extract of the civil registry or an international birth certificate. This will prove at border control that this is not a case of child abduction.

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