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Sri Lanka is highly appreciated by backpackers for four reasons: the country is relatively small, cheap, sunny and there is a lot to see and do. Another advantage of a trip to this beautiful country is that the Sri Lanka visa can easily be applied for online.

Sri Lanka in demand for tourists

The number of tourists in Sri Lanka in 2019 was more than four times higher than a decade earlier, and the country was voted ‘Best in Travel 2019’ by Lonely Planet. Whether the country will manage to regain this position after the April 2019 attacks and the coronavirus pandemic remains to be seen. In any case, there is no doubt that Sri Lanka is well worth a visit.

In general, Sri Lanka is a relatively safe country for tourists to travel to as long as they are prepared and stay alert. However, it is wise to check the travel advice for Sri Lanka before travelling.

All sights within reach

With a surface area of about 65,000 square kilometres, Sri Lanka is one of the smallest countries in Asia. The tourist attractions, including beaches, national parks, wildlife parks and temples, are therefore easily accessible with one of the many transport options. Public transport is well-organised and there is the option of hiring a bicycle or buying a tuk-tuk. A tuk-tuk is a three-wheeled means of transport that is used mainly in Asian countries for transporting goods or people. Renting a car without a driver is not recommended due to the chaotic traffic and driving behaviour.

Tuk-tukTuk-tuk: three-wheeled vehicle for transporting goods or people

Sri Lanka is easy to get around on a limited budget

Sri Lanka is particularly popular among backpackers, partly because of its prices. Transport is particularly cheap, but the cost of living is also low. With a budget of around £20 per day, you can get by just fine. The Sri Lanka visa can also be applied for relatively cheaply online. The cost of the e-visa, also called the ETA Sri Lanka, is € 79,95 per person, which is lower than the cost of the physical Sri Lanka visa which has to be applied for and inserted into the passport at the Sri Lankan embassy. It is therefore advised checking whether you are eligible for the cheaper e-visa Sri Lanka before departure by checking the visa requirements.

Best travel time in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka can be divided into two regions. The west has a constant climate with an average minimum temperature of 23 and an average maximum temperature of about 31 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit this part of Sri Lanka is between January and March. In this period, there is the least precipitation.

The best time to visit the east of Sri Lanka is between February and September, because then the monsoon Maha is bypassed, and the maximum temperature is usually around 30 degrees Celsius. A trip to both parts of Sri Lanka is therefore best undertaken in February and/or March.

Apply for your Sri Lanka visa easily online

In order to travel to Sri Lanka you need, in addition to flight tickets for the outward and return flight and a valid passport that must still be valid for at least 6 months on the day of arrival, a Sri Lanka visa. You can apply for the Sri Lanka visa 24 hours a day via this website. Do not wait too long. On average, the application is processed within 72 hours. However, it is possible that approval will take longer because your application is subjected to a random extended check by the immigration service.

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