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Recently, all tourists travelling to Sri Lanka were recommended to apply for an arrival card. This is separate from the ETA, the travel authorisation for Sri Lanka that most European travellers also require. Travellers from the United Kingdom and Ireland, among others, can easily apply for this Sri Lanka travel authorisation online.

Filling in the Disembarkation Card before departure

The possibility of completing an online form for a trip to Sri Lanka has been around since late 2022. This form is also called an arrival immigration card or Disembarkation Card. The disembarkation card should not be confused with the boarding card for your flight (boarding pass) or the online application form for the ETA. The Disembarkation Card can be completed during the flight to Sri Lanka or digitally before departure. This is possible three days before the departure of the flight to Sri Lanka.

Departure card only required for Sri Lankans

In addition to the Disembarkation Card (arrival immigration card) for foreign tourists, there is also an embarkation card (departure card) for travellers with Sri Lankan nationality. Sri Lankan travellers require this completed form to depart from the country. Foreign visitors to Sri Lanka do not require a departure card to depart the country. In their case, a valid passport in combination with a valid travel authorisation and arrival card is sufficient.

Important: Apply for the Sri Lanka visa on time

Before you can travel to Sri Lanka, European travellers require a visa. The Sri Lanka visa can be applied for online. Travellers who meet all the ETA requirements can apply for this travel authorisation online. It is important to apply for the travel authorisation on time. If you have to leave the country within a short period of time, you can also submit an urgent application. If this is approved, you will receive your ETA Sri Lanka within 30 minutes on average.

Travel to Sri Lanka possible again

At the moment, the Sri Lankan economy is dependent on about 12% of tourism. In 2019, this percentage was 10.3%. Because in 2020 and 2021 there were strict travel restrictions on both a national and international level because of Covid-19, the percentage in these years was much lower (about 5%). Since 7 December 2022, international travellers can travel to the country without proof of Covid-19 vaccination. Since then, has seen a gradual increase in the number of ETA applications for Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka focuses on high-quality tourism

The Sri Lankan tourism sector is thus slowly recovering. The logistical problems that were caused by the pandemic have also been largely resolved by now. In the promotion and recovery of tourist destinations, distinctiveness and quality often play key roles. The Sri Lankan Minister of Tourism is therefore committed to sustainable recovery through investment in high-quality tourism. At the same time, every effort is being made to keep holidays in Sri Lanka affordable for travellers. In recent years, Sri Lanka has therefore been investing heavily in new opportunities for responsible ecotourism and community tourism, or tourism involving the local population.

New possibilities for an adventurous holiday

Tourists who are looking for a destination for an adventurous trip would do well to consider Sri Lanka. The country puts great effort into the development of unique diving locations and other outdoor adventure sports. In addition, the country offers countless opportunities for mountaineers and hikers. For instance, the Pekoe Trail was opened, an impressive new hiking network totalling up to 300 kilometres of trails along historic tea plantations around the centrally located city of Kandy.

Got exited? Then apply for the required visa now. Good preparation for your trip also includes checking the current travel advice fore Sri Lanka. Three days before departure, you can fill in the arrival card online.

Apply for a visa for a trip to Sri Lanka

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