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The Australia visa has various different types, including the eVisitor and the ETA visa Australia. Make sure to timely check which type you can use for your trip, to prevent any issues with the immigration service upon arrival.

The ETA visa Australia

Applying for the ETA visa Australia is possible for travelers of virtually all nationalities. It can be used for a wide variety of travel purposes, including holidays and business trips. The ETA is thus one of the most applied for visas to travel down under. However, many (European) travelers do not choose the ETA when traveling to Australia. The reason for this is that it is quite a bit more expensive than the eVisitor. If you are allowed to make use of the eVisitor, it is advised not to apply for the ETA visa Australia.

What is an ETA visa Australia?

ETA is an abbreviation and stands for Electronic Travel Authorization. It is a digital travel authorization which is issued by the Australian immigration service. You are required to have it in your possession before you board your flight to Australia. If you arrive by (cruise)ship, checking takes place upon disembarking the boat. The ETA is meant for travelers that do not meet the requirements for the eVisitor visa, and can be applied for online, though not on this website. This website focuses on the eVisitor, which is both cheaper and easier to acquire.

Australia on the mapAustralia on the map

The eVisitor visa Australia

The eVisitor visa Australia is meant for residents of countries with which the Australian immigration service has close ties and concrete agreements. Due to the close collaboration between the governments of various countries, applying for the eVisitor is a lot less complicated than applying for the ETA. On top of that, the ETA is substantially more expensive than an eVisitor visa. The validity of the two variants is exactly the same, notwithstanding specific terms regarding the particular nationality of the applicant.

What is the eVisitor visa Australia?

The eVisitor visa Australia is a visa specifically meant for travelers that hold the nationality of one of the countries with which the Australian immigration service has set agreements. See the list at the bottom of the page to check if your country qualifies for this visa type. Travelers that fall under this agreement, and are therefore allowed to make use of the eVisitor visa, can benefit from several advantages compared to the ETA:

Permitted nationalities for the eVisitor visa Australia

If you belong to one of the nationalities listed below, and carry a valid passport issued by that country, the immigration service advises you to travel with the eVisitor visa Australia. Take note: you have to file the application with the passport belonging to this nationality. You likewise need to take this passport with you on your trip to Australia. Do you hold dual nationalities? Then it is advised to use the passport belonging to one of the countries listed below during your trip.

Permitted nationalities for the eVisitor visa Australia
FranceUnited KingdomAndorra
CyprusCzech RepublicDenmark
PortugalRomaniaSan Marino
SwedenSwitzerlandVatican City

Do you hold one of the above mentioned nationalities? Then you can apply for your eVisitor visa Australia right away.

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