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Australia is the perfect country for a breathtaking cruise holiday. The country, surrounded entirely by water, has much to offer tourists, from bustling cities to unique natural landscapes. Read on for tips on how to have a carefree cruise through Australia and apply for your Australia visa.

An Australian Visa

All travellers who do not hold an Australian or New Zealand passport must apply for a visa to travel to Australia. This is also the case if you dock in Australia on a cruise ship, or if you plan to board a cruise directly from the airport.

Tourists can easily apply for the eVisitor visa for their cruise holiday in Australia. As this visa can be applied for online, there is no need to visit the embassy. You fill in the online application form on this website on your phone, tablet, or computer and pay the fee of € 24,95 easily and safely online. The visa can be applied for at any time and because the eVisitor is valid for 12 months from the date of issue, you can apply for it well in advance of your trip.

Cruise to your liking

Whether you are a nature lover or a city trip enthusiast, Australia is the right place for you. Many cities, large and small, have their own harbours where cruise ships dock and tourists can explore the shopping streets, museums and other attractions. Visit Australiaʼs fashion capital, Melbourne, or the world-famous Opera House in Sydney. The capital of South Australia, Adelaide, is known for its many churches and the Adelaide Building, which is a World Heritage Site. Brisbane is the city for the true party animals among the tourists. With two major nightlife areas, it is the ideal place to let loose in the city during your cruise holiday, as long as your cruise is docked here for the night.

It is also possible to combine a cruise with relaxing on the beach or exploring nature. If your cruise stops in Cairns, you can admire the famous Great Barrier Reef and snorkel among the sea creatures. In Adelaide and on Kangaroo Island, tourists can swim for hours with dolphins in protected reserves. Also, at several beaches, water sports such as surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding or kite surfing can be enjoyed.

Preparing for a cruise in Australia

Applying for the eVisitor Australia is only possible with a valid passport. This passport must be valid for your entire stay in Australia, up to and including the day you leave Australia again. If the passport expires before that time, the visa is no longer valid, and you must apply for both a new passport and a new eVisitor visa. Your cruise may pass through several countries and dock at ports in countries other than Australia. A common combination for cruises is Australia and New Zealand. A few weeks before the trip, check which countries you will visit on the cruise and for which of these countries a visa is required. The eVisitor visa is only valid in Australia.

Validity and maximum duration of stay

It is important to consider the validity of the visa during a cruise. The eVisitor visa allows travellers to stay in Australia for up to 3 months. Normally, if you leave the country prematurely, these 3 months start again when you travel to Australia again. However, in most cases this does not apply to cruise travellers. If you leave Australia by cruise ship, and return at a later date, the first date of arrival still counts as the start of the maximum period of stay. According to Australian rules, you have not left the country. To be sure, check with your cruise line whether this also applies to your trip.

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