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Australia is known for her strict laws regarding immigration, quarantine and customs. That is why it is important to apply for the right Australia visa. Applying for such a visa may seem simple, but there have been plenty of people who, once they arrived in Australia, were faced with the unwelcome surprise that they did not possess the right visa.

By applying for the right Australia visa on time, you can avoid a lot of stress. And, of course, you can avoid the worst-case scenario of being barred from entering Australia for your trip.

Visa requirement for British travellers

The Australia visa is mandatory for all European travellers, including those from the UK. This even applies to underage children, even if they are included in the passports of their parents. Rule of thumb: everyone travelling along needs their own Australia visa. The visa can be acquired for as little as € 24,95 per person. It is possible to put multiple people on a single application, but the price per person remains the same.

Australia has a very strict immigration policy, which means that the traveller always needs to apply for the right visa on time. Make sure that the visa is applied for before leaving for the airport. Airlines are not allowed to bring along travellers that do not possess the right Australia visa. There are different ways to apply for the electronic visa.

Visas for tourists

First of all, it is possible to apply for a visa for tourists. The tourist visa is the most applied for visa. As its name implies, it can only be used for tourist purposes. The Australia tourist visa is valid for a maximum of one year. It is a multiple entry visa, meaning the traveller can travel to Australia several times within that one year. For instance, if a visit is made in-between to neighboring countries, such as New Zealand or Bali. It will not be necessary to apply for a new visa then.

For the Australia visa, a number of additional requirements apply. For instance, you are not allowed to stay in Australia for longer than 3 consecutive months. From the day the visa is received, you can travel to Australia as often as you like. The visa is exclusively meant for tourists. This means that you can, for instance, follow short courses, provided they do not last longer than 3 months. In all other cases, it is better to apply for a student visa.

You are also allowed to perform volunteer work on a tourist visa. It is strictly forbidden to earn any money. However, it is permitted to receive accommodation, food or drinks for volunteer work. Monetary compensations are not permitted.

Mrs Macquaries Point, SydneyMrs Macquaries Point, Sydney

Australia visa for tourists that went to work

It is possible to apply for a Working Holiday Visa. This visa is only meant for travellers between 18 and 30 years of age (18 to 35 for Canadian, French and Irish passport holders) who want to work during their stay. This way, the traveller will get to see more of Australia. It is permitted to earn money with this visa, to finance the stay in Australia.

The visa is valid for one year, but additional requirements apply. You are allowed to work at the same employer for a maximum of six months. It is permitted to work for several consecutive employers. This Australia visa is also a multiple entry type, meaning you can enter and leave the country several times without needing to apply for a new visa.

Australia visa Subclass 600

Finally, there is the Subclass 600 Australia visa. This is a visa for everyone that wants to stay in Australia for longer than three months but does not qualify for the Working Holiday visa. The Subclass 600 visa has two important qualities: it can be used to stay in Australia for a longer period, and it can be applied for if you are already in Australia.

While you can stay in Australia for three, six or even twelve months on this visa, you cannot work with it. When applying for this visa, the applicant needs to provide proof that they can finance their stay in Australia. Furthermore, the applicant must be able to convince the Australian immigration service that their stay is only temporary. When one of these motivations is missing, the government can decide to declare the visa invalid. Make sure that you have a clear reason for wanting to visit Australia for an extended period. Read more information about the differences between the various visas.

Australia visa application

All European travellers, including British nationals, need to have a valid Australia visa. This visa can be easily applied for in five minutes. It costs € 24,95 per person.

Australia visa

The visa check already takes place when checking-in and boarding. That is why its necessary to possess a valid Australia visa before leaving for the airport. The Australian government recommends applying for the visa several weeks before departure.

Australia visa requirements

Finally, the Australian government has set a number of requirements to usage of the visa. The passport needs to be valid for at least three more months. You also need to have health insurance. The traveller is not allowed to have tuberculosis. It is also not permitted to stay in Australia for longer than three months.

Australia is very strict regarding previous convictions and the nature of them. If you have served a total of 12 or more months of prison sentence, you cannot enter Australia. During the stay, no goods or services may be sold. Finally, the traveller cannot have any outstanding debts with the Australian government.

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