Cambodia has also been hit by the coronavirus (Covid-19). Check what impact the coronavirus has on your visa and travel plans before applying for a visa. This article has gathered the most important information about the coronavirus in Cambodia. Last update: 28 April.

What is the current situation regarding the coronavirus in Cambodia?

On 27 January the first case of coronavirus (Covid-19) infection in Cambodia was detected. It concerned a Chinese man that was travelling from Wuhan to Sihanoukville. According to the official numbers, by now 122 cases of coronavirus infection has been identified in Cambodia. However, to date (28-04-2020) no patients have died from the virus, according to the Cambodian government. The borders with Thailand and Vietnam have been closed. Schools and catering establishments are also closed until further notice.

Cambodia has also taken extraordinarily strict measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).Cambodia has also taken extraordinarily strict measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Can I currently apply for a Cambodia visa?

Since 17 March, due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19), it is no longer possible to travel to Cambodia for a holiday or business trip. For this reason, no e-visas for Cambodia are currently being issued for business travellers or tourists. While the e-visa can be applied for, the application is only processed after the immigration service resumes their inspections of e-visa applications. It is currently not known when this will happen.

Exceptions for exceptionally important trips to Cambodia

Travellers that have an exceptionally important reason to travel to Cambodia can apply for a physical visa at the embassy. A doctor's note needs to be handed over which states that the traveller has been tested for the coronavirus in the past 72 hours. They also need to be able to prove that their travel insurance will cover all medical costs, up to a minimum of 50.000 US dollars. The visa is only issued if the embassy of Cambodia is convinced of the necessity of the trip.

When can I go on a holiday to Cambodia again?

The coronavirus has thrown a wrench in many people's travel plans. Both the British government and the Cambodian government do not consider it justifiable to go on holiday to Cambodia for the time being. A few dates have been mentioned on which the current restrictions and measures will expire, but it is expected that these will be extended by at least several more weeks. As such, it is currently not possible to say with certainty when holidays to Cambodia will start running again and when visas will be issued again. The information on this page is regularly updated. As soon as it is possible and justifiable to travel to Cambodia again, it can be read here.

Disclaimer: because a lot of information about the coronavirus changes very quickly it cannot be guaranteed in any way that this article is complete and fully up to date at the moment you read it. Also base your decision to travel to Cambodia during or after the coronavirus on information provided by your travel agency and/or airline, likewise before you apply for the visa.